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Weirdest things ever said to me.
"You're too optimistic. "
"Why do you smile all the time?"
My reply is always, "Attitude is everything"!
Life can be fun if you choose to enjoy it.

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Hidden heroes.

Men and women are of all ages took the fight to Antifa.

Some are clearly law-enforcement retirees who volunteered to return to work. I've seen their badges.

I don't know who the young ones are. They're very skilled.

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@tantan @Elaines2cents
I am a huge supporter of an educational lifestyle, and educating kids at home. Public school attendance or no. 👍

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Mark Meadows
Andy McCabe’s interview last night only furthered what anyone who has been truly investigating already knew: senior Intel officials were bent on retaliating against President Trump for personal reasons, and they were willing to throw out any rule or break any protocol to do it.

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We had a guy on Twitter--former CIA--admit that it was going on.

This guy was fired for sending photos of his willy to a woman, but he said all along that the CIA and FBI were conspiring to bring down Trump.

In HIS mind, it was cool beans.

Too bad for him Trump is smarter than the CIA and FBI combined.

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Tweet thread by Luke Thompson on Twitter(@ltthompso)

A rich guy used a PAC to pay ⁦‪@AOC‬⁩'s boyfriend $6,000 when her campaign was running out of money. After AOC won, she gave that rich guy a job in her office. Follow me on a journey.

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Trump on McCabe:

"He really looks to me like sort of a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover."


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Hello thinkers.
A huge thank you to Saul, Thomas, Rex and all the others that brought this together. I will certainly spread the word about this forum for those who think first.
Thanks again.

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She's not a citizen and therefore Trump would not be 'revoking' citizenship she does not have.

"Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, a person born in the U.S. to a foreign diplomatic officer is not subject to U.S. law and is not automatically considered a U.S. citizen at birth."

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This is an important and very necessary ruling ...

"the right to be free from excessive fines is one of the 'privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States' protected by the Fourteenth Amendment."

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Tweet from ABC News:

In unanimous decision, Supreme Court moves to limit states’ ability to seize private property involved in a crime.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the opinion.

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Posted on Twtr by @drawandstrike

"Here is the Complaint filed today against The Washington Post on behalf of Nick Sandmann. All members of the mainstream & social media mob of bullies who recklessly & viciously attacked Nick would be well-served to read it carefully."

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VA Hired A Newly Released Felon Who Attacked Judge’s Daughter In The Shower, Cut Her Brakes

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The way to return the country to the people is by removing power from the political class

When that power is gone, the donor class's piwer erodes

You can't, as the system is set up, take down the establishment class in court

Every ideological policy that Trump proposes is designed with a scaffolding of limitations by where restraints of power can be erected

When checks and balances are re-engrained, retribution can begin!

(They're going to feel so stupid for doing it to themselves)

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This point goes along with trying to tie fake hate crimes to Trump and his supporters.

When you can't win by debating, just smear the opposition as racist.

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Climate science is not science. Scientific inquiry requires a hypothesis that can be tested, and retested by others. The science part of climate study is climate modelling.

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