It's good to thank God for the proper functioning of your body, even if some things aren't working like they used to.

I'm in my late 50s, so I have more aches than before, but I can still breathe, see, walk and think. I'm grateful for those things.

@baldilocks I'm going to be 39 in September and I can't believe how my body hates me sometimes. 😂

I've been taking glucosamine and it does wonders for the joints!

@umad80 @baldilocks Turning 50 in a few weeks. I require sit down breaks while cleaning.😂

@Kathleen @baldilocks @carolinacally For me - right now - it's if my back starts to hurt.

I clean apartments for a living; get them ready when someone moves in. So all those years of leaning over tubs have done a number on my back. It gets cranky when overused. lol

@umad80 @Kathleen @baldilocks @carolinacally as a gauge, as long as you’re not ready for an Acorn stairlift, life is good : )

@deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

HA! My gauge is how much of the lawn I can mow without taking a break. I had to give up the rotary push and buy an electric push mower a few years ago.

I don't even want to think about snow shoveling yet.


Oh my I am 60+, I refuse to give into age! 😊 There are times, I regret that.

@deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally


for sure. When I act like I'm 30 I end up paying for it for a week.

Each year I age the "payback" time gets a day or two longer.

@deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally


True, I try to stay conscience f the task I am doing and the muscles involved. If I do not, I pay for it!

@deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally


I used to get so worked up when I'd see my gran, at 80, on the roof of her porch (she had to climb out a window to get there) sweeping leaves or snow off.

My mom, at 80, on a ladder clearing pine needles from the eaves...

I now realize why they did it and see them in myself....

Stubborn old women! Argh. I've a way to go to 80 and hope I can break the mold before then. 😜

@deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@Kathleen @JM @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

Speaking of stubborn old women reminds me of my 79y/o mom. I asked her several X’s please don’t get up, when seated & holding my 3 month old son. There’s been a few X’s she fell back in the chair clinging to the baby for dear life. When she’s able to make it up his head is usually pointing towards the ground by the time she’s up. Scares the hell out of me. I ask nicely & she doesn’t listen. It takes getting angry in my family to be heard

@MarcusJ65 @Kathleen @JM @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

When my niece was 18 months old, she ran full speed and took a dive headfirst off the front porch, aiming for the sidewalk five steps below.

I was sitting cross legged on the sidewalk, and I managed to unspring myself, sprawl on my belly, and catch her with one hand before she hit.

It was only the millionth time I wondered how the hell people have the courage to be parents.

@ThomasWic Just my opinion, but I don't believe most people give those types of everyday scares any thought. If they did, there would be like a 1% birthrate.
@MarcusJ65 @Kathleen @JM @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@JM When I was a kid, seatbelts were the annoying thing you pushed down into the seat crack as you slid around a vinyl bench seat during the ride. We didn't have bike helmets or knee pads and we took our sleds down the steepest hills we could find. And yet, we survived just fine. *also we had lawn darts as toys, 😆 @ThomasWic @MarcusJ65 @Kathleen @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@Beemer4Trump Just remembered on rainy days, my sisters and I would take a twin mattress off the bed and use it as a slide down the stairs! 😂 @Kathleen @JM @ThomasWic @MarcusJ65 @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@JM Did that cause less damage? We had an incident where an elbow tore through the drywall down the stairway. @Kathleen @ThomasWic @MarcusJ65 @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally


Hubby does as well. When my hubby was little (born 58) he had a car seat. I didn't know they existed back then! He remembers it hung over the front bench seat between his parents.

@Kathleen @ThomasWic @MarcusJ65 @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally


That's what I said, I had never seen one. My parents had to fit eight kids into whatever vehicle we had at the time.

@Baline @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@JM for 2 years, when I was in an A-frame cast and then an A-frame brace, depending on the car, I sometimes had to sit in the back of a station wagon, facing the cars behind us. I laugh now 'cuz I was like the family dog with a completely different perspective of the car ride than everyone else. 😆 @Kathleen @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@JM I made it all work for me.
Metal crutches were assault weapons and I used them as such when necessary. @Kathleen @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

@JM I only used them as defensive weapons. Several little boys learned early that girls were their equal and sometimes the victor. @Kathleen @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally


Great lesson, having five brothers this is a lesson worthy of learning at a young age!

@Kathleen @deighs @umad80 @baldilocks @carolinacally

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