@Kathleen I bloody love @realDonaldTrump . He always attacks the bad guys and publicly and loudly exposes them. He's savvy, incredibly strong and a genius strategist. He's exactly the leader that every nation deserves but only America has him... you're so lucky to have him.


He also is helping other countries that ask for help......he has decades and decades of contacts all over the world.

start asking.

@Kathleen The idiots we have in @UKParliament only see fit to ridicule and disrespect him. BUT many Brits rightly love him.


the scum will be exposed just like the UK ambassador to the US.

Stay strong!

Is May gone yet? 😆

@Kathleen :) from 24th July it looks like we'll have to pin our hopes on Boris :) Johnson (likely next PM) So we'll see how he pans out.


Thank you for posting this. So proud to finally have a president with a spine and not back down like most R's have done for decades.


Totally agree, Billie! He's got nothing to lose and cannot be bought. Huge brass ones.

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