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I think the age requirement of Congress critters needs to be raised.

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So now that Dems have blown their racism wad on the earlier tweets, what are they gonna say?


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It's the 4 Ponies of the Apocalypse.

I think the age requirement of Congress critters needs to be raised.

6 min ago.

POTUS doubles down on his earlier tweets.

Go Get 'EM, Sir!

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She's a Somali.

Read Black Hawk Down. The Somali culture revolves around murder, drug abuse, and failure.

But they're proud of their failure. That's why Omar is trying to make the US like Somalia.

The Somalis use children as human shields. Think about the cowardice and moral depravity.

Some cultures are just not a good mix. Omar needs to go back to Somalia, where corruption, hate, and failure reign.

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Anyone in the Washington DC area please join us on Friday June 19th to help us protest the NIAC. Map will be provided in the comments.

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1. Historical thread: Did the Jesuits assassinate Abraham Lincoln?

This is a thread on a subject that caught my interest when it was mentioned by @Debradelai in relation to another topic. I hope it doesn’t violate the rule against conspiracy theories. In his memoirs, a former Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy (of whom more below) makes the shocking allegation that the Vatican caused or at least encouraged and funded the US Civil War and ordered the assassination of President Lincoln.

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In the relatively short time I've been here, I've noticed how some have been damaged from their experiences on other social media outlets and are somewhat *hesitant* in exercising their free speech rights. Watching them slowly realize that those rights are respected here isn't unlike seeing a newborn colt take it's first, tentative steps.

Suppose it's bittersweet because the suppression of free speech isn't SUPPOSED to be happening in the first place...

Not in OUR America anyway.

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Anyone got advice on where to apply for lawyer work after the Bar in California?

Sadly, ICE isn't hiring.

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1) Time to teach y'all a little something about strategery.

The art of winning by destroying your opponent's ability to win.


in light of the summit on combating antisemitism....

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Here we go!

AG Barr holds summit on combating Antisemitism. Deputy Attorney General Rosen, Education Secretary DeVos, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and FBI Director Wray participate



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