Its fascinating to watch A G Barr and Trump projecting division and weakness, with the NSC being cleared of bad actors and the sudden revelation of multiple DOJ enquiries into Obama & Clinton goons. it's a sure sign that The Storm is coming. I've said from the start that we are going to see mass arrests of high profile Obama & Clinton goons.

Plus Obama and Clinton themselves, in Trump's 2nd term.

Leftist FakeNews don't get it. Of course:

Border Wall Construction Revealed by Drone

"During a trip to AZ & New Mexico, I filmed the construction of new border wall being built east of Douglas, AZ. An extremely impressive undertaking. This video hopes to remind viewers how incredibly innovative & productive our construction industry is. It reminded me of the Alaska Pipeline Proj, in which I personally managed a small portion of. ..."


Where I come from it is incumbent upon the prosecution to prove guilt.

Not upon the accused to prove their innocence.

Manchin may come from some petty South American dictatorship.

The look on Steve's face is most telling after having given the question on klimate change.

8. More and more evidence stacking up that the NYT and WaPo are LYING. Again.

IMO Trump's people fed them Fake News, which the idiots reported verbatim.

Anyway this time it's Matt Whitaker. He thinks it will be one of the most 'consequential' reports in over 20 years and also notes that Trump has been briefed on the IG Report.

Seems that everyone who has been briefed on it is saying it's huge except for douchebags at FakeNews. Do the math.

In the President's lawsuit against the NY Prosecutor, the DoJ has joined the appeal due to "weighty constitutional matters" that need to be addressed by the court.

@Karl_W_Braun Yes and the Houthis have drones, thanks to Iran financially and materiallyhelping them.


I'm with Tom Wictor @ThomasWic Once you understand Trump, you don't need to worry anymore.

Not only did he prepare the battleground decades ago, Trump WON THE WAR, too.

It's OVER.

What we are seeing now is what Trump has decided we need to see. Public punishments are just a small part of his plan, to restore The Republic.

Trump controls the narrative. As he deserves to, after planning for 50+ years.

So many people just don't get that. Even now, in 2029.

All will be well.

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