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Epic Tweet: (Look who responds)

Isn't it fascinating how the people upset at Elon Musk playing with his own money are completely unbothered by Sam Bankman-Fried playing with everyone else's?


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I'ma say this early

in 24', I'm voting for trump in the primary and Trump in the general.

Loyalty's first, all the bullshit's second

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Scott Presler began much of his crusade for getting Republican votes by going into Democratic strongholds and cleaning trash out of their neighborhoods. I believe it can be done.

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@watch4thedrop @Teneseo

What conservative ever goes on Neil Cavuto's show? He pretty much only has traitors, scumbags, and anyone who is anti conservative on as guests.

The man is just a democrat bobble head figure.

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@darulharb @redwhitebluedude
More on Democrats running things.
Jackson, Mississippi Mayor even blamed their recent water issues on Climate Change and Racism.
When in fact it's usually Corruption and Incompetence.

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@gerrybrabant @BlkLdyPatriot

I refuse to watch any PBS and snarl and growl at the notion I used to think they needed my donation during their ridiculous panhandling they would call it a telethon.

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Who else refuses to watch U.S. news? I noticed the conserv inc. will talk on these topics repeatedly:

#1. Biden, Biden, Biden and his Anti MAGA hatred speech.

#2. Gender speech and newspeak vs PC.

#3. Ridiculous CNN/MSNBC clips of liberals saying and doing dumb stuff.

#4. Trump sometimes.

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Tonight's PBS Frontline episode "Lies, Politics and Democracy" hit job on President Trump is the most blatant and obvious work of Propaganda I've ever seen.

Every trick in the book in terms of dark imagery and distortion of facts is overused to such an extents as to be comical!

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Finished reading "Breaking History" by Jared Kushner. I found it an easy read, filled with an inside baseball outlook on things Jared was involved in during Pres Trump's Admin.

I would recommend it for anyone wanting a different point of view on many of the things going on behind the scenes during 45's tenure. It is from Jared's point of view and recollections so if you bought into all the fake news, you might not like him now, but probably will feel differently after you read it.

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He needs to get it out. Thank goodness Newt has been working with him on it. The Dems have been spewing their lies for months and haven't heard more than a peep from House Republicans, and even less from the Senators except for Sen Johnson.

They need to be hitting this hard and reminding everyone, every day about how the imposter is destroying our Country and what they'll do to stop it!

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The little worm is doing what he has been ordered to do by DC, and what he has learned to do.



If he doesn't, he dies.

If he does, he gets out of Ukraine alive with his family to live in luxury, with his $billion bank account in his Miami mansion.

I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine. The real people, who are mostly very poor.

I have no sympathy for the scumbags who have looted and ripped that place apart.

That includes Zelensky and his inner circle.

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Tucker Carlson Reacts To @elonmusk Buying A Big Stake In Twitter

"It's a good day in America!"

“Restoring free speech to Twitter is the greatest possible threat to the people in charge. They have to control the information. If they don’t, they fall." t.co/oCw9umewxP

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@watch4thedrop @Debradelai

People taking high doses of zinc then wondering why they have an upset stomach all the time. I’ve told several people to cut it out. 15mg at the most is all you need if that.

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@TearGasBreakfast The word that comes to mind is "impotent."

A word that NEVER crossed my mind when it came to Orange Man.

Other world leaders know. And they are not taking his calls.

And Kamala is worse.

Heaven help us.

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You will notice that this isn't rocket science.

But it takes real guts and leadership, to do it. Putin will retaliate. He will seek to create fear. But if we hold fast, he will back down.

Our problem is leadership. Look at the pathetic Jake Sullivan, for example. A coward and liar, who has likely engaged in criminal activity, who would run a thousand miles if Putin so much as glanced in his general direction.

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But also a man of limited intellect, zero strategic nous and no experience outside DC.

A total and utter empty suit. A lightweight, in every way.

As for Corn Pop. No words.

Obama? A radical ideologue and unhealthy narcissist, but also a con artist. The man has done so much damage to the USA. He is solely responsible for much of what we are seeing.

America has never had weaker leadership since WW2.

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No wonder Putin has seized his opportunity. He knows that America has leaders that can change the battlefield in an instant.

If they are elected into power, his imperial project faces new challenges that he may find difficult to overcome.

Xi knows it, also.

They will seize the moment, is my guess. Before the moment seizes them.


The end.

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