Dr Naomi Wolf reporting that Fed govt paid MSM $1 billion to promote Covid narrative

Democratic super PAC American Bridge 21st Century is out with a $5 million ad buy in battleground states to boost President Joe Biden as the 2022 midterms kick off

🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

Where's Trudeau?

Where's Fauci?

There's been a noticeable absence of both these clowns lately.

Obama, Clinton and Biden.


Their corrupt minions are scum.

And they are destroying America.

They all need to be arrested and chucked in jail for what they've done. Then forgotten for ever.

Until they are, things will get worse.


The end.

And sorry, but the buck stops with the USA. The US is the key center of western power.

Being led by illegitimate criminals. Cowards and imbeciles.

What Biden & Co have done here is arguably worse than Afghanistan. Why? They've empowered Putin & Xi.

Pray for the poor, poor folk of Ukraine. They've been hung out to dry.

Pray for the USA.

The end.

This was entirely predictable and not just that, preventable.

Arming the Ukrainians, training their soldiers and even stationing US / NATO forces would likely have deterred Putin, and limited his choices.

Nothing was done and nothing meaningful is being done. UN, NATO, EU, US - just hot air and endless meetings, by handwringing faceless, useless 'experts'.

Via @ScottAdamsSays on his podcast:

Long-haul TDS is real and cognitive dissonance is the myocarditis of TDS.

“This channel needs more attention, especially if you want more details on Canadian sentiment concerning the truckers. Once again, Courage is contagious, as it is the most important of all virtues, because it is upon courage that all other virtues lie.”

The Obamas are frightened of Rogan.

The snakes can't control him.

Rogan is too talented and way too cool for con artist Marxist ideologues like Barack and Michelle.

Let alone stone cold crooks like China Joe, Crooked H & Co.

They can't destroy him. Would be too obvious. So the slimeballs seek to undermine and censor him.

Anything they do, everyone must oppose.

Make sure you follow Joe Rogan. Get on Spotify and do it, as well as everywhere else.


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