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A Scandinavian Airlines commercial says there is no such thing as Scandinavian, all their cultural heritage was stolen from elsewhere or is violent barbarism, and that the only good thing about their culture is other cultures.

A black man literally refers to his "viking ancestors." Yes, I'm sure there were African Vikings.

How to be a Democrat Moderate: An In-Depth Guide.

Step 1: Claim you're a Moderate.

Step 2:

I like how Republicans are still hammering away the Governor "Make the Baby Comfortable and Kill it" Northam point. It's really all you need to know.

Labour has their own Bernie in their party - except he's the "moderate" Leftist whereas his opponent is Corbyn 2.0.

Anyway, Labour's "Bernie" here has overwhelming support, but Labour's "Hillary" (who has the support of the establishment) is using the machinery to screw "Bernie."

At around 4:30, Tim sounds offended at the very notion people think he's supporting the President.

I got bad news, everyone, looks like we all need to die. This professor said so.

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I have an estranged sister who did this.

Her face looked EXACTLY like Pelosi's when she did it.

Everything the Democrats do is justified if you accept that Trump is literally Hitler.

Which is why the education system is the real problem in the entire Western world.

Do I even need to explain why?

Why does this man keep heaping glowing praise on Trump and then insisting he'll vote Democrat?

His skill at mental gymnastics is truly amazing.

Quick breakdown of why that Harley Quinn movie is the perfect feminist movie - essentially, some entitled, evil bitch beats up men and tries to groom children to try to fill the hole left behind by her own lack of self-worth. And I'm not kidding, she does those things for those reasons.

And Leftists are indeed claiming this movie as a feminist triumph.

Sargon of Akkad just won a three year court case against a bad faith Leftist who sued him for copyright infringement and reposted the video at the center of it.

"After the district court ruling in my favour that this video is my own transformative content under Fair Use, I am reuploading it so people can see what the fuss was about."

What the hell is a "right-wing reactionary"?

Are we NOT supposed to react to things?

I feel like we all just forgot that "austere religious scholar" thing at this point after all the other insanity.

Can anyone point me to the "Alt-right" Leftists are so scared of? I want to know where they all are. Surely there's as many of them as Antifa, right? It'd be silly to be worried otherwise.

So I know Trudeau wore blackface, but I had no idea he wore "crippleface" as well.

Why do people keep repeating the meme that Yang and Tulsi are reasonable? Yang clearly doesn't know shit about economics in comparison to Trump and Tulsi is for reparations. These are standard Democrats.

The real problem with the Democratic Iowa Caucus are the literal retards who are actually still voting Democrat.

"Slash his throat. "Every f***ing Republican - slash the Republican throats."


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