I have amazing, earth-shattering news:

Just 2 months ago, democrats had more registered voters in Volusia County, FL: 136,000 (D) - 127,000 (R).

Now, Republicans have more registered voters: 142,000 (R) - 136,000 (D).

That's 15,000 new Republican voters!!


I have a friend in Volusia County.

He was 100 percent apolitical. Never voted in his 34 years.

NOW, he's going to vote for Trump.

What made him register and decide to vote?

The endless attacks on Trump. They made him pay attention to politics, and now he's a solid Trump supporter.


@ThomasWic @paul_schmehl

You shouldn't even have to like Trump to vote for him.

You just need to be sane enough to hate the people who try to trick you into hating him.

@EngOnDemand @ThomasWic @paul_schmehl

No, he's the best choice. It's just that the willfully ignorant like Tim Pool have some kind of impressive mental conditioning that renders them incapable of intelligent decisionmaking in this regard.

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