Leftist women are now indistinguishable from pornographers.

I wonder what the rules are.

If I say, "Hey! Nice vagina, lady!" is that harassment?

Or is it complimenting her on her courageous totemic femininity?


None of the above, a Leftist would just go "That's offensive to women WITHOUT vaginas. Not all women have vaginas, bigot."



How's this?

"Hey, I can't tell if you've got a vagina or not! Stand up and lift your skirt, lady!"

Is that harassment?

@ThomasWic Um, I think that would be assault per the lefty scorecard. You assumed/presumed her gender. Now if you swapped the 'lady' for transbian, you might skate.ūüėÜ @Kambeii


Oh heck Kim, I can't keep up with all of these new terms.

Do you have regular classes so folks like me can get on aboard with these new terms?

I read transbian and it translated in my head as Ambien. Go figure

@ThomasWic @Kambeii

@Sarah_Roberts @Baline @ThomasWic

They made a wikia for it. I wouldn't actually use it, though, as this is perhaps the most useless information anyone could ever have access to, except in the case of the shrink that has to sort out the 20-something lunatic that buys into this crap.


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