Democrats love everyone except non-Democrats.

University professor who correctly pointed out that slaves weren't genocided gets his entire professional life and career irreversibly shattered over one statement.

Meanwhile, a professor who said "White Lives Don't Matter" got promoted.

Black Lives Matter?

More like Burn Loot Murder.

The only way to improve Mount Rushmore is to add Trump.

The former largest Trump forum on the internet has officially been banned.

Daily Mirror piece about a "Chilling moment" as white couple pulls weapons on terrorists who invaded their home and were about to kill them.

Except they didn't quite frame it that way.

Daily reminder that All Lives Matter.

Except race-baiters, virtue-signalers, and communists.

Discord is my replacement for Twitter. It's how I socially connect with friends and meet people for various political and media-related discussions.

And now they've shoved this in my face. They placed this notice at the top of my screen with the tagline "What we're doing to fight racism and white supremacy. Black Lives Matter."

Fuck you guys.

Killing people of other races is the same thing as killing people of your own race.

None of the Democrats understand that.

If parents kept track of the shit their kids learned in college, we wouldn't have so many communists burning things right now.

Stupid people who made a stupid card game banned stupid cards that they interpreted as racist because they're stupid.

The peaceful protesters are idiots and the looters are filth.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.