When you're having a bad day, just remember that during the real life witch hunts of centuries past, sometimes people were burnt but not properly dead.

These people, with their skin ashen and melted, would then awake in caskets some time later and attempt to claw their way out only to die alone in agonizing pain.

Your day probably wasn't that bad, right?

To all the men reading this post, the nytimes would like to address you with a very important announcement.


I'm starting to think California would be a red state if there were no illegal alien or corpse votes.

Leftists are really reaching here, but they make a fair point - we won't be able to keep out all those illegal aliens who are professional climbers, I guess.

Let's make the wall higher and add some gun turrets or something. I think that'd make the media happy, according to this article.


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Government-run media aimed at kids feeding them Leftist gender propaganda.

It's funny how the UK is pushing this nonsense while simultaneously filling out their population with Islamic refugees who won't buy into this garbage.


Whenever you're having a bad day, just remember that somewhere there's a doctor glancing at a patient's biographical information right before a checkup and realizing with horror that they have to examine a transgender with mutilated genitals.

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A group of people over at Union Theological Seminary tweeted a photo Tuesday explaining they’d spent the day “confessing to plants" as part of a "worship" service held in honor of the planet.

As in, they talked to a pile of ferns and potted shrubs set up in the middle of the floor.

For those of you who are hoping that this whole thing is a joke meant to criticize the far-left’s weird obsession with the flora, these folks are being entirely serious.

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@Kambeii Absolutely! They are both whiny bi*ches! And Glenn
Beck calls Shapiro a “conservative”
so there’s that!

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Ann Coulter, idiot.

If Trump is a prototype of a president, that means he's the first in a production line of presidents.

In other words, we'll be damn lucky if he's a prototype.

She has no idea what she just said.

Her witticism maker crapped out.

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Still a tie of sorts. Asshole Ganz got two more seats than Netanyahu, but short of a majority.

Still he will be asked to form a government first. A cretin who supported the deal with Iran, wants to negotiate with terrorists and blames Israel for Hamas rocket attacks...go figure.

The balance is in the hands of Lieberman, who could push either over the needed 61.

A former ally of Likud who does not want religious parties in the coalition.

A royal mess leading to yet another election

Remember how that attention-whore Ann Coulter was crying every day about the wall?

Guess she'll need other things to pretend to be outraged about for clicks.

TheQuartering reports that his subscriber activity and analytics are being suppressed. He's lost 50% traffic, according to him.

I'd believe it.


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Carson's letter also pointed out to Newsom that CA curiously has not used a whopping 1/3 of its federal vouchers for housing for veterans in need, so why are they asking for 50,000 more general use housing vouchers? [Are they providing llegal's housing?] Finally, Ben points out that the Trump admin started a program back in Nov 2018 of federal funding waivers to develop more mental health infrastructure, but CA has failed to apply for it, and it is available to them.

If I was a Democrat in Congress and I knew there was dirt on me being threatened, I wouldn't double-down. I'd beg for mercy.

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1/ Okay, I'll admit I'm on a minor crusade to help expose "mainstream" Mental Health purveyors as being corrupt tools of the leftist's agenda. Here's another example of a line being crossed in an article that gets widely circulated by the "Psychology Central" platform.

The title should read "How to Inflict Your Liberal Values on Conservative Clients."

Not only are they weaponizing Psychology, they're also leveraging religion against people who think differently.

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@Helen47 @HunDriverWidow @Linnie @Ken1951 @Cdubois

But of course a lot of these lawmakers were going beyond what was legal for them to do to make even MORE $$$.

People toss around all kinds of theories about why there was a sudden rush out the door for so many Congress members suddenly deciding to retire, & settlign on the 'sex settlements' explanation.

Actually it's because of a quiet crackdown on the illegal trading.

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