So, apparently, Britain's looking at a population of 70 million over 25 years, with 51% of that population being attributed to net migration from foreigners. But hey, I'm sure Britain will totally still be British at that point...

Hopefully, the Conservatives will take Farage's recent concession and Labour's drop in popularity and actually get something done after next election.

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World War II scrambled the thought processes of Americans and made them susceptible to the most destructive ideology ever invented:


The Great Depression started the process, and World War II finished it.

The push to deinstitutionalize the severely mentally ill was itself insane.

And Americans fell for it because they were becoming mentally weak.

Why do women insist on the Ellen Degeneres haircut these days?

I get if you don't want the hassle of long hair, but do you have to have less hair than an average man?

The only thing you can count Democrats to be consistent on is being anti-America.

I was out with my friends the other day, and the friends of my friends who showed up got into politics and shitting on Trump.

The good news is that they agreed the Democrats were literally insane.

The bad news is that they still believe in the "Trump voters are racist hillbillies" meme, and that they think the Republican party is "far-right".

I didn't ask who they'd end up voting for, I'd be upset either way if they're taking this Tim Pool approach to politics.

i used a paper straw yesterday.

It was awful.

The Bideford council decided that their town signs reading "Little White Town" was racist, so they're changing it.

Even though the "white" is in reference to the COLOR OF THE BUILDINGS.

Why is being white such a bad thing now?

Okay, genuine question.

Why do Jewish Leftists claim they have white privilege?

Are Jews white? Are whites Jews? Does that make Asians white as well? Or is that Asians are an ethnic group, but Jews aren't?

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Watch as the daughter suddenly understands what it means that the Indians are on their way.

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@Kambeii love Sabaton.

I REALLY dig Minniva’s covers of their songs, too.

I can't believe people would willingly listen to songs like the garbage coming out of Rihanna's mouth rather than something like this.

I can see why this has 14 million views. Those instruments, those lyrics, I love it.

I never had thought about this question, but what DO you do with nazi concentration camps? Wiping them out to build something new seems inherently disrespectful at first, but then again, how long is one expected to keep up these structures?

And, as anyone who has met a German could tell, the entire country is trapped in a cycle of sadistic self-flagellation against themselves out of guilt taught to them in schools for crimes their ancestors committed.

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@ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude

Neither does he get credit for brilliantly uniting the GOP.

As he diligently rallies personally for Reps and local politicos NOW, the contrast with his focus on SENATE races in 2018 is clear.

Purging Ryan, and allowing the House to fall into Crazy Nancy's hands has united the GOP like I have never seen (195/195 in the HOUSE!?)

So the Proud Boys apologize for the one time they initiated violence against Antifa and get put away for four years while an Antifa member ATTEMPTING MURDER only gets six years.

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In California, a New law called Proposition 47 (giving free rein to shoplifting up to $950 without penalty or arrest) So Criminals can go steal Every single day, up to $950 worth of stuff.
What the hell is in the air in California that everyone is breathing??

Sargon of Akkad interviews the brother of Jeremy Corbyn.

I didn't even know he had a brother.

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The Obamas' mansion is retarded.

Currently the craze for the über-wealthy is pure-white interiors.

The kitchen looks like a sarcastic art installation, a morgue-church.

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