The_Donald subreddit, Donald Trump's only "mainstream" internet platform of supporters, has now had half its moderator team forcibly removed by reddit admins and they're installing their own moderators.

I want to debunk a transgender guy's worldview on his gender nonsense with an authoritative source. What should I use? This dude's been harassing me in YouTube comments lately and I want to roast his ass.

Why don't Bernie supporters find any problem with Bernie not practicing what he preaches? I think he should redistribute his own wealth first before he comes for anyone else's.

Almost like they're all full of shit.

Normalizing the "TRANS COMMUNITY " is the equivalent of normalizing Flat Earth as a serious scientific explanation of the world.

Grooming gangs and cultural enrichment is still happening in the UK, by the way.

Imagine being forced to pay for socialized healthcare, then refused healthcare on the basis of you being a racist.

Keep in mind that Leftists think Boris Johnson and Trump are racist, and you can probably see (one of) the big problems here.

This man is running for Judge in office No. 76 in California.

He literally changed his first name to "Judge".

See, I like it when the candidates are direct.

"I am a proud Democrat, environmentalist, a community activist and I would be honored to serve you on the LA County Board of Supervisors."

That's a hard pass, thanks Darrell!

This beast is running against Adam Schiff.

I think he should resign and just give the election to "her". Why should a straight white male such as himself keep "her" down?

Look at this shit. Scroll to the bottom.


Since I can't find any Republican voter guides on point, I started doing research for my LA County ballot.

See this? This guy's definitely out. He starts out fine with "supporting firefighters and policemen", but he lists being recognized by Adam Shit as a positive.

So what's the best voter guide for California/LA County?

A woman in the UK just got convicted of causing annoyance/distress to a transgender "WOMAN" she called a pig in a wig.

As an American, let me just say that that is indeed a pig in a wig.

A Democrat attended a Trump rally.

They said "Welcome."

She was shellshocked.

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