I wish I could be as optimistic as the rest of you.

Every day that the so-called conclusive evidence isn't produced is another day otherwise reasonable people delve into Q-tier nonsense.

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Good qs

I think Trump was hoping they wouldn't do it. He's been warning them for a while that he knows.

They did.

Of course Trump has a plan for this scenario. We will now see it.

This kind of stuff convinces me that even if there's irrefutable ironclad proof, evil will prevail.


For those of you who think Team Trump is sitting on some mind-blowing irrefutable proof and is (for some reason) waiting for dramatic effect to present it, I would ask why they presented the effectively worthless affidavits of pollwatchers who said there was fraud and not that other irrefutable proof that would win us the numbers game.

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5. Don't know about you, but I remember feeling exactly the same confusion after the mid-term elections as I did on Nov 4, 2020.

The Dem results in the House, with extremist leftists being selected all over the place, didn't seem to make any sense.

Now we know what was likely going on.

Have Trump's lawyers even alleged fraud? Have the lower courts even pushed it through?

Clock's ticking, Dec 12. I haven't seen any slam-dunk evidence, have you? Just affidavits ("there was fraud!" doesn't help invalidate fraudulent votes) and some stats on Dominion that we can't actually prove did anything.

I don't want to give my phone number for Parler. My phone number is public information and my California Bar license would be tracked through it.

I can't afford to be outed as a Trump supporter in California.

If I knew and had evidence someone was going to kill me, I wouldn't wait until they killed me before I produced the evidence.

Is it just that I lack faith? Maybe. But I just don't know what people expect to accomplish by hammering in "Oh, this poll worker said there was fraud!" or "Gasp! Criminal referrals! SPICY! They're going down!"

If that's all we got, even plus the verifiable dead votes, we still lose.

If vote tampering at the level required to cheat this election out of Trump's hands did indeed occur, which I believe it did, we won't find the evidence in-time in the quantity we need. And I also don't even know what mechanism people expect to be used to reverse or invalidate votes.

What, the recount? The standard for accepting counting votes/provisional ballots is already so low, how are you going to single them out as fraudulent?

This isn't quite hanging chads, folks.

And no, contrary to popular belief, pollwatchers not being allowed in to observe do not swing all counted votes in the meanwhile for Trump.

Also contrary to popular belief, statistical insanity or improbability does not swing the votes to Trump.

Team Trump has less than a month to put together this case. You may think they've got everything ready to go beforehand as 4D Chess, but so do lawyers in most other cases at the START and prosecuting/pursuing them STILL takes a long time.

I don't care how many poll workers or affidavits you have saying fraud occurred. I want to see some fucking numbers and I want to know the precise mechanism by which you think a court of law or a state recount will be able to verify and tally these before our very real deadline next month.

"Maybe" Dominion did something isn't good enough. Pointing out that some ONLY voted for President doesn't actually resolve anything. Making a spreadsheet with these projections doesn't prove it either.

Is there actually a mechanism for the court to reverse or invalidate votes? If we just stop the count or demand a recount, that gets us nowhere. The fraud's been done, even if you check it over.

The people telling you to trust the system and honor the results of the election are the ones against voter ID.

As I believe the courts will end up siding with Biden due to the uphill battle contesting voter fraud creates (as well as the potential destruction of Trump ballots in the first place), I will say America deserves Biden. Enough people genuinely voted Biden that it was close enough to commit this fraud, and enough people shrugged and said "guess we lost" that there was not enough impetus to fight the fraud.

To be clear, I believe there was fraud from the start and false Biden votes were injected into the initial batch and added in later when Trump outperformed.

However, if Biden wins in the court, which I believe he 100% will because even the clear and specific voter fraud won't be enough to flip the vote, then I'm done with politics. I'm just gonna close my eyes.

I would have lost all faith. Elections are done, full banana republic.

I'll vote Republican regardless, but that'll be it for me.

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Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) Tweeted:
When you’re breaking the law, ignoring court orders, counting ballots in secret & threatening to steal the presidency, it’s not “PA’s business.” It’s America’s business, and we have the right to expect votes will be counted (1) fairly, (2) w/ transparency & (3) NOT in secret. twitter.com/tedcruz/status/132

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