The paranoid lunacy of these fringe conservative sites.

This appears to be peak-loon week. They are determined to convince conservatives to never vote again. Hysterical despair

Sometimes I wonder if Gateway Pundit is actually run by Democrats.

And Zero Hedge as well.

Among others

Just thoughts....


Yes, such claims can do more damage to real conservatives than the Dems can.

I've seen that you really had it with this crap. And justifiably so.

In the last discussion with two Quods here that expressed similar ideas, you were much more fire and fury that how I know you. And I completely understand that.

And as for the GP and ZH - you're right, @Debradelai already pointed out that they both became hotbeds for crazy conspiracies. Just like Lin Wood.

@KMGGaryde @joebennett


Yes, Shaul. Your perceptions are accurate.

I had hoped that the NeverVoters, and the hopes for Trump's return, and the belief that he is still in charge, and the Lindell claims would be over by now.

There has been a lot of improvement certainly. But this week showed how much of it still exists.

@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


This week has been appalling.

The Democrats are in chaos. And the world knows it:

The Afghanistan disaster and horror, the failed Democrat economic 'plans', the open borders and illegal aliens flooding in, the threat of lockdown and a disintegrating Biden all combined to make it clear that this is an administration and a party in a state of collapse


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


As conservatives, we should be focused on that - and not wasting any more time on eccentric and esoteric theories of Trump's supposed hidden power and plans.

The Lindell conference is only one example of this ongoing focus on the past. Claims and promises that prove empty. More disappointment and hopes dashed.

Trump's own posts do not help. More sarcasm and nonsense about audits and insults directed at Republicans.


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


Phil pointed out the possible connection between the Lindell failure and the rise in despairing posts this week about the pointlessness of voting - and the demands for proof of a fair election. And it was not only the posters you mention.

I will address that when I see it. At the same time, I spent too much time on it. I will curtail my responses.


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


This is the reality: The left is disintegrating. Not only Biden and Harris. And not only the Democratic party. All of the left.

Yet far too many conservatives are still dazzled - and frightened - by the supposed power of the left. "They" - the left - "will always defeat us". It is false


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


I would like conservatives to become far more discerning and adept at reading the signs of history and culture.

To step back, gain objectivity, put aside emotion and disappointment - and take a look at the left. Look at the behavior of the left, their hysteria, their fear and anger and confusion.


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


This is what I would like to see:

Conservatives analyzing the left. Don't emote and carry on. Relish their decline and take advantage.

See them for the cowards and terrified, vicious bullies that they are.

They have the past. They have peaked. They do not have the future.

They cannot gain any more power. So many conservatives believe the left is invincible - it goes below the conscious level.


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


We must get past that fearful thinking, stop replaying 2020, change legislation, address fraud - so much good is happening.

We need to know that and internalize that. This week was troubling regarding that. But the progress will continue.

Ironically, the Dems know how bad things are for them. The decaying old guard know it very well. The communicate every day.

They know more than we do


@KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

I'm inclined to agree. this whole thing was counterproductive. I really hope people can just get past all these fantastical theories and just work on the simple things that are right in front of them. We're almost at 2022 and this stuff is still getting air time. I can't help but be a bit concerned.

@watch4thedrop @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05 Theories or not, NOTHING will be different in 2022 if we don’t figure out how the fraud occurred. We know it did. If you don’t find it and fix it 22. 24 or any other election WILL NOT MATTER!! It’s been going on long enough. Some going back is required to follow the problem and keep it from occurring again. Find the problem, fix it and then you can move on. Denying there was a problem changes nothing.


Thank you for the detailed response. Like @watch4thedrop and @karnage, I fully agree with what you say.

I'm not so sure that you need to curtail your responses, BTW. Sometimes people need to hear harsh words it they take us astray (deliberately or not).

In Jan/Feb, I was hoping for a magic trick by Trump. Like you told @joebennett, many came around. I was one of them.

Let's hope many more do that too.

And Lindell is less important than he tries to be.

@KMGGaryde @pma05 @dl46g

@Zemeliko @timr @watch4thedrop @karnage @joebennett @KMGGaryde @pma05 @dl46g

For what it’s worth, there are many, myself included, that we’re playing catch-up with the political implications that got us to where we are today.

Part of the catch-up was deciphering who knew what and what was the truth. We had been so involved in day to day living that we gave trustingly to our elected officials that which was ours to do on a current bases.


@Zemeliko @timr @watch4thedrop @karnage @joebennett @KMGGaryde @pma05 @dl46g

When we met others that were more knowledgeable and current we learned. Albeit, on occasion we got our proverbial noses bloodied spouting off things we only though we understood. However, in the end we are more informed and have better resources in which to draw. The hyperbole has less interest and impact as we learn more. There is still more to learn though.

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

Spot on.

The Dems are weak. VERY weak.

And our collective focus should target on that weakness.

The kooks like Lin Wood etc distract and divide, usually to line their own pockets with $$. Or because they've gone mad.

I am particularly disappointed with Sidney Powell, who knows better. Either she has seen damning evidence that for some reason she cannot reveal, or she has not. If she has, she should tell us why she cannot reveal it.

@REX @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

The Sidney Powell situation is the most bizarre element of this sordid affair.

My instincts tell me there is more to that story. Whether it is exonerating or damning, we may never know, although I suspect we will know more sooner or later.

@PathIntegral @REX @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

I haven’t heard much about Sidney Powell lately. What situation? I don’t trust the news sites for info.

@SandyisGettingSteamed @REX @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

Just the Dominion affair, which is now leading to a dangerous lawsuit (for her).

Nothing new.


That doesn't make any sense. If she cannot reveal it, how could she possibly tell us why she cannot reveal it? We deserve nothing.

I'll just say I'm leaving her out of this in my little world. She is safe.

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05

@REX @timr The recall of Newsom is a good indicator of what’s going on? I’ve heard far too many people in California say they hope there’s no cheating or that they’re worried Democrats will cheat again. I instead tell them the Democrats are sweating it big time and to keep the pressure on. The point is to win.

@GuyLegos @REX @timr

They are 100% going to cheat, they are already Mailing Ballots out to Everyone no matter what, just like they did for the 2020 election and they are using the Covid Variant as the excuse!

@REX @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

People should move on to 2022. 2020 is what it is, a lot of people are suspicious of that result so people should leave it at that and not dwell on it too much. Move on to the midterm and focus of what can be done from here onward.

As to Sidney Powell, politics is not her thing, she stuck her neck out and it is obvious that is not her strong suit. I still respect her but I think in this case people should have stayed on their lane.


It is terrible to watch as their disintegration causes so much misery and suffering. But they cannot stop it any more than they can stop the tide coming in.

This nihilism is purely destructive - destruction and hatred for its own sake. It is accelerating.

The left do not understand and have rejected clarity of thought, rationality, love of truth, lessons from history and objectivity. We need to know that and make use of it. Powerful weapons

@Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

@timr @REX
Any one ever meet Mr. Wood? I think he must be a very charismatic personality. That would mean that many people can be mesmerized by this man. Both men and woman can easily be captivated by charmers. Trump is a charmer and so is Wood. We all have weaknesses and we all are only human. That is a really hard lesson to accept. Many have been hoodwinked by these charmers.
@Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


Yes. All the more reason to call them on their claims.

I find those 'charmers' about as charming as cobras. But I know that many are vulnerable

@REX @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

@timr @REX @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

I hear people say, "Tell a lie long enough, people will believe it to be true".
Well, that's not actually the case, the one who believes the lie to be true, is the one who keeps telling the lie, not the people who hear the lie!
Democrats believe their own lies, they fell for their own propaganda! No one can ever represent the truth to them, they will Never accept it as truth.

@REX @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05 I appreciate
Sydney Powell for supporting
President Trump, but I see her
as a NPC.

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

Very true. And at least 17 are currently Republicans in the Senate.

Even through Republican majorities they have cowered (and cooperated) with leftist swamp creatures, and been afraid of bad press from the New York Times, The Washington Post, and electronic media.

Trump showed us how to win. Now we know it can be done, and expect more from our side in DC.


Thanks Mike. I have no question that the election was stolen, and that Biden did not win 81 million votes.

At the same time, he did win close to that number. Hatred of Trump was the galvanizing factor.

In 2024, loathing for the Democrats will be a determining factor

@Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

@timr @Mongo3804 @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05 I get there was plenty of hatred but no way was he at all close to 81 million. No way... Trump added to his base . Why do you think he had close to that number ? There was already plenty of hatred for the left in 2020. I see it as about the same now and not more but I trust your opinion and it gives me hope .


We would have to have reasonably conclusive evidence - something we will never have, despite protests to the contrary.

Democrats were serious about voting. They are in very bad shape now and it will get worse. Biden and Harris are absolute disasters and the party is tearing itself apart.

2022 and 2024 will be very different - and the Democrats know it. Most of us don't - yet

@Mongo3804 @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05 honestly I think the whole Lindell thing is a blip on the radar. We see it, many angry Americans didn't even notice.


I am in general agreement. But this Lindell event was significant for many MAGA voters - and those who follow Lindell are important as they make their views known.

I can hope that this will result in a drop in prestige for Lindell and all of this.

@Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05


I think it already has resulted in a drop in prestige for Lindell, not rightly discerned in my view.

There also were many obstacles that popped up during his presentation. The PCAPS data had malware in it, and he was hacked throughout, and attacked physically by what many are saying were Antifa. They infiltrated his presentation.

@Arcalian @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05


I'm going to give the guy credit for his effort, even though it was very much amateurish.

It wasn't a failed event. It appears to me it was a call to action for state legislators to enact election reform, and not a look back, or a re-instate Trump kind of event.

@Arcalian @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05


As a call to action, that is very good news. If that had been the intent from the beginning, that would be fine.

But that is not how it was advertised. It was advertised as proof and evidence. Even an outsider like me knows that

On that score, it unquestionably failed.

Dashed hopes are a serious issue. They drain the spirit and sap energy

@Arcalian @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05

@timr @joebennett @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05 on person i follow on the dreaded instagram treated it like a great rally. but I would not repeat her position on the issues here.


Conference on election fraud, security and understanding how to address it is an outstanding idea.

It is the messaging, advertising and the promises that are the problem.

@Arcalian @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05


Agreed, it was essentially a botched affair. It might have accomplished something, but not what was advertised.

@Arcalian @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05


My thoughts exactly. I'd rather talk about growing tomatoes.

Thanks for keeping me tagged. Learning here is interesting and enjoyable.

@Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @pma05

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

Shortly after the election, Saul tooted about the importance of focusing on the future.

Many took his advice.

Some did not.

Their loss.

@karnage @timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

unfortunately those who did not cannot be counted on in the battle for the future.


So many come around. Perhaps many.

This week's headlines about the Bills in Congress concerned me. Conservative media were generally careless in reporting - even sites that are generally better. But when conservatives understand what is happening, perceptions change.

@karnage @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

@timr @karnage @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

I hope so my friend. the clock is ticking.

I was thinking of going to a few of the local republican chapters. probably a waste of time in NY-14 but my parents district in NY-03 maybe would be a better use of time. Suozzi nearly lost in 2020 before the mail-ins flooded in. Nassau county GOP about to get a dose of the DROP 😎

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