Beyond Farce: Biden Wants OPEC to Pump More Oil While He Strangles U.S. Energy Production

Trump had the US Energy Independent and all Biden had to do was keep it going!

Remember that the next time you drive your car to gas station to fill your tank! $$$$$$$

@KMGGaryde —One of the major reasons I miss DJT.

He weaned the US off of OPEC, a cadre of thugs who’ve always hated America.

Now the DC 🤡s, led by this buffoon, have us back at their mercy.

@KMGGaryde Uhhh, Biden, Biden, this isn't the 80s, or even the 90s, anymore. We Americans have developed the ability to be energy-independent, making use our own oil sources. How about we stop looking and acting like beggars, especially since Saudi Arabia is working on diversifying their economy?

You don't seem to understand, it's only damaging to the environment when we pump here in the states. There is no harm done when the OPEC members do the pumping.

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