THE BIDEN EFFECT: US Producer Price Inflation Soars to 7.8% Annually in July – Highest Jump On Record

87% of Americans say that the Economy is getting Worse under Biden’s policies!

Translation: The cost of everything is going through the roof.

Newsom Announces California will be the First State to Require All School Staff be Vaccinated Against Covid or Tested Weekly (VIDEO)

California recall of Governor Gavin Newsom can’t come soon enough!

Beyond Farce: Biden Wants OPEC to Pump More Oil While He Strangles U.S. Energy Production

Trump had the US Energy Independent and all Biden had to do was keep it going!

Remember that the next time you drive your car to gas station to fill your tank! $$$$$$$

He’s Cracking! Angry Newsom Melts Down in Recall Rage Rant, Slams Desk with His Fist (VIDEO)

When Newsom is gone, California can dream again! That will be true success!”

‘The California dream is more like a mirage’ one reporter pointed out to Newsom.

FLASHBACK: Dirtbag McConnell Says He Doesn’t Want Trump to Spend $1 Trillion on Infrastructure – Then Supports Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Plan

19 GOP Senators that voted for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, Will Rue the day! The Voters will not forget!

GOP Rep. Andy Biggs Calls for Impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas — Biden’s Open Borders Czar

They should impeach him, finish the wall & close the border!

ANALYSIS: As ‘The Squad’ Threatens To Tank Infrastructure, Pelosi Is Trying To Hold Back A Full-Blown Civil War

I guess AOC is the Boss after all!

Russia, China Launch Joint Anti-Terror Drills, while our military goes Woke under the Biden Administration.

Russia and China train their soldiers to win, which should be a warning that we should do the same.

Trump: Infrastructure Bill 'Beginning of the Green New Deal'

Trump calls out the Infrastructure Bill for what it really is!

“This will be a big victory for the Democrats and will be used against Republicans in the upcoming elections.”

We Are a “Protected Class:” Runaway Texas Dems Suffer “Much Anxiety and Stress;” File Lawsuit Against Governor Abbott For Ordering Their Arrests

Show up for Work? Sorry, we’re a “protected Class”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Know Where or to How Many States Biden is Sending Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

How much you wanna bet? All of them!

Sen. Cassidy: DeSantis Mask Mandate Ban Is Wrong, He Is Messing with Public Health

Sen. Cassidy has revealed what side he’s on. It’s time to replace him with a true Conservative!

CA Implements Audit-Proof Way To Steal Election That Goes Into Effect Just In Time For Newsom’s Recall Election

California, don’t let the Democrats cheat. Get out in HUGE numbers and get rid of this dictator. Return FREEDMOM back to people.

Two-Billion-Year-Old ‘Racist’ Boulder Removed From UW-Madison Campus (VIDEO)

Two-Billion-Year-Old Boulder is a ‘Racist’? You got to be kidding … rocks are Racist, what’s next?

Larry Elder Raises Over $4 Million Dollars Since Joining Race For Governor Of California

Get out and support Larry Elder & remove Gov. Gavin Newsom if you want your FREEDOM. It’s not the money, it’s your vote that will return California to the people!

Maher: ‘Wokeness’ ‘Will Get People Killed’ – Slams NYT for Not Digging Into COVID Origins

They don’t get it or just don’t care! ‘Wokeness’ it the priority!

Poll Shows Democrat Governor Newsom Losing Recall Election by Double Digits

The end could be closer that think if you believe the poll that leans left that just came out!

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