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Last night I went to sleep a mechanic and woke up as an IT Specialist. Through being exceptionally honest with people and the grace of God I was offered a position after being out of the industry for over 5 years.

I approached HR and asked for time off to go through a series of classes to get back into IT. I discussed my experience and was invited to an interview 2 days later. Did not exaggerate anything and still got the offer!

I couldn't be more thrilled for this opportunity and my future.

“Today’s dialogue was extremely productive and I look forward to continue our great work with Israel’s defense leadership.”

The leaders reviewed global and regional security challenges and set priorities for the U.S.-Israel defense partnership over the coming year. The main areas discussed were great power competition; regional security challenges; missile defense; military-to-military interoperability; and defense acquisitions.

“The U.S. defense partnership with Israel is ironclad, and cooperation between the two militaries will remain extraordinarily robust at all levels,” said Rood.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.