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Imagine what Donald Trump must be thinking and feeling right now.

He stands on the precipice, every institution in this country and around the globe arrayed against him - while we get to sit at home and speculate.

He has everything on the line. I wish I could express my gratitude to him personally. I wish I could do more than wait!

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When on Twitter, I had a personal policy of never blocking anyone. My theory: I need to expose myself to people who think differently, to hear opposing arguments, to engage with those who differ...

But I learned that the left is incapable of good faith arguments & that some who claim to be Trump supporters have zero faith in the man. Fair-weather friends.

Those people add nothing to my life. So I now gleefully block anyone who doesn't make me happy.

I feel much better.

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@AGAndrewBailey: "The federal government had a hard time convincing a judge last week that it hasn't been working with and coercing social media companies to censor free speech.

Some notable moments from the first hearing in our First Amendment case, Missouri v. Biden:"

(H/T @KurtSchlichter RT )

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@mtaibbi: "The people who should most want to avoid censoring 'What is a Woman?' are anti-disinformation activists. If you suppress a film whose producers were careful to avoid hate speech, innuendo, factual error, and threats, you’re not leaving any incentive to argue in a civilized way."


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To a wise, expressive and excellent fellow, Happy Birthday Sir!!

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Maybe Chicago can shut down for two weeks to flatten the homicide curve?

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Saul Montes-Bradley has a live open interaction with viewers on the matters of the day.

YOU chose what we discuss. Today, we start with Musk's bullshit and the unchanging nature of Twatter. A cesspool of disinformation and censorship run by 2 volt brained libturds. And a scam.

Thursday, LIVE
09:30pm Eastern

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Supreme Court sides with cement mixing company over striking workers in latest blow to unions

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson :
Just unbelievable solo opinion.

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I'll take as many wins as we can get no matter how small.
Waiting for the SCOTUS rulings coming in June.
Snowflakes are going to be howling off the rails more than normal. I hope the Justices that need it get out of DC qnd go with their family on a long safe vacation after the rulings are announced. The government should provide secret service protections to Justices. Not sure why they do not already.

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Acute Narcissist Syndrome

Use the acronym “SPECIAL ME” to remember the nine signs of NPD.


1. Sense of self-importance
2. Preoccupation with power, beauty, or success
3. Entitled
4. Can only be around people who are important or special
5. Interpersonally exploitative for their own gain
6. Arrogant
7. Lack empathy
8. Must be admired
9. Envious of others or believe that others are envious of them

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Yeah you forget something. There where predictions made for late 90s, 2000 and after by these people. NONE of them came through. In fact, clowns like Al Gore predict sea rise to wipe out coasts in a couple of years and at the same time buy houses next to that sea.

It is largely a scam, not that the climate isn't changing, it always changes. The impact we have on it has been played to tax us to death by people who have a carbon footprint of a typical country.
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Regardless of what one thinks about British author J.K. Rowling and her politics, the writer of the world-famous Harry Potter series has more than enough “screw you” money not to give a damn what the left thinks about her — much less to stop espousing her views. And that, you gotta love — or should.

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In the 90s I was a big fan of Canada's Kids in the Hall. Somewhere along the line, Canadians have lost their sense of humor. Or maybe not, considering Justin Trudeau's existence. In any case, what seemed ridiculous 30 years ago is now reality.

The John Cleese story made me think of it. At least 30 years ago, we were allowed to make fun of this garbage.

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Twitter is agog (in my feed) with how AI chat is inherently biased with wokeism. So I put it to the test using ChatGPT most recent updated level of information.

Where I find that to be a partially true statement, it depends on how one poses the questions.

Eg equity, why is it good and why is it bad. If it’s good, AI delivers the information as if it is truth. If it is bad, the information delivered is a “belief/perspectives” and not a universal perspective/truth.

Can we all just save ourselves a lot of time and trouble and agree to not buy anything anywhere for the entire month of June? I can't keep up with all the boycotts.

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Okay, this gave me a start. I was treated for pneumonia when admitted for a broken arm just before the lockdowns. My doctor, famous here in VN, said that the hospitals here weren't overwhelmed because they screened for and treated bacterial and fungal infections first.

He said, "Everything is not Covid. Part of screening, even for you, means looking for the usual and obvious first, even if Covid is part of it."

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