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If you take away Pelosi’s cosmetic surgery and Botox she would look like an old lady and her antics would be even more frightening. She’s the wicked witch but with a face lift. Someone did a reverse aging rendition and it was frightening.

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I guess the Zelensky phone call worked. Biden is no longer going to be the democratic nominee.

Piezcenick says it was pompanos job to protect trump from state dept personnel. He youtu.be/LT42Sy9BRZs

My granddaughters go to an expensive private school in LA. They are starting to teach them to feel shame about white privledge.
I heard this 6 years ago from Latin students in public schools.
This is an attempt to rob people of what they and their ancestors fought for
Leaving Europe with nothing
Going to school
Fighting in WW2
Building business’
Saving and investing
Dealing with religious discrimination
Privledge isn’t a white thing.

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Does it occur to anyone that 10 years ago and more people did not scream about white privilege? Can it be that as whites become a minority the rampaging started. What happens as the whites become less and less?
I have my thoughts

Here’s what I’m hoping
Sanders gabbard third part
Harris butusomething Democrat

Read books etc from Stratafor . Their thinking was after WW2 we took over from the English who protected trade by policing the routes ie naval. Our capitalistic formula was to make sure goods could be be transported safely. Russia and China were communist threats to our capitalism. Everything is different now therefore our policing of the world is no longer required.
In the meantime we almost bankrupt ourselves policing and neg bad trade and environmental deals.
We needed trump to MAGA

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Andy Ngo

This morning, angry Londoners rebelled against the @ExtinctionR
climate change activists who shut down the Tube by climbing on top of a train and unfurling a banner that read: "Business as usual = death." Watch as angry passengers drag them off.

9:35 AM · Oct 17, 2019

It occurred to me that Hong Kong is rebelling against China but US is already under their control. Think about that, we didn’t see what hit us and now it is too late

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As expected, we are now getting rapid-fire, "Yemen-esque", breathless reporting of the "slaughter" occurring in the areas now without 25 American soldiers.

Those supporting the President's move are being called "isolationists."

One can safely presume that there is a lot of false reporting coming out of the area...big time.

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Scott Adams to Californians....
"If your governor cannot keep your lights on without the risk of wildfires starting, you need a new governor."

An orthodox Jewish person in Los Angeles told me the Ukraine leak was the progressive democrats attempting to get rid of Biden and trump at the same time. After seeing NYT and CNN questioning Biden’s actions maybe there is something to this.

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Boom!! 💥💥One of the Best Press takedowns ..TV gold!!


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