Watching the impeachment thru quodverum eyes in Mexico. No one gives a damn here.
Mexico is thriving.

British press is reporting Harry and Megan will move to Los Angeles they are “in contact” with trump regarding security. Huh!!!!

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3. Meghan believes that she is superior in every way.

A mediocre actress of limited intelligence and almost no insight, she has completed missed how much the world has changed since Trump was elected.

As have most progressives. They don't understand that they are living in a world that no longer exists.

Markle's shtick would have worked in a pre-Trump world. Her arrogance in assuming it will still work will be her undoing.

There's another reason she is doomed.

Trump considers her an enemy.

I’m watching the Iran thing from Mexico. That means no cable news. I come here and go to Thomas on twitter. I’ve been saved from fear hatred and general BS. Thank you one and all

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@phyllisray @Dawnz @RonOgletree @spinmaven Tucker was acting like a jerk as well. I couldn't watch. I came here and followed Carlos Oswego on Twitter to keep up with what was going on. The was in a frenzy for certain.

Gavin wants trump to help with homelessness in California
I’ve been told 42% of school children in public schools are illegal receiving meals and special needs assessments with translators provided. And many other things. Maybe 20 %. Nothing confirmed because they can’t ask.
Calif has become a welfare state for illegal immigrants as it ignores its homeless population of mentally ill, addicts, and abused mothers with children.
Our citizens are trashed while we prioritize illegals Who did it

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“ Don't scroll past this and not watch..
Trust me this is a must see 👇👇”

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If you take away Pelosi’s cosmetic surgery and Botox she would look like an old lady and her antics would be even more frightening. She’s the wicked witch but with a face lift. Someone did a reverse aging rendition and it was frightening.

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I guess the Zelensky phone call worked. Biden is no longer going to be the democratic nominee.

Piezcenick says it was pompanos job to protect trump from state dept personnel. He

My granddaughters go to an expensive private school in LA. They are starting to teach them to feel shame about white privledge.
I heard this 6 years ago from Latin students in public schools.
This is an attempt to rob people of what they and their ancestors fought for
Leaving Europe with nothing
Going to school
Fighting in WW2
Building business’
Saving and investing
Dealing with religious discrimination
Privledge isn’t a white thing.

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Does it occur to anyone that 10 years ago and more people did not scream about white privilege? Can it be that as whites become a minority the rampaging started. What happens as the whites become less and less?
I have my thoughts

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