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"I, Donald Trump, your favorite president, hereby state that my dying wish is for Amy Coney Barrett to be confirmed to the Supreme Court," Trump wrote as friends and family looked on somberly. "She's a great nominee. The best, maybe ever. That Kavanaugh guy was alright, he was pretty good. But Barrett is the real deal."

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Thread on hydroxychloroquine COVID White House petition.
Okay! Petition is published. This one is just on hydroxychloroquine due to 800 count limit on the WH site.

It is not searchable/findable until it gets 150 signatures. So I have to get this link out word of mouth first. If we get 100,000 signatures in 30 days, White House will pick the issue up and respond to us. No account required to sign and your name is not published, just the tally.


We are in a period of black market medicine.

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Bill O'Reilly

Did you hear that Connecticut billionaire Ray Dalio, big finance guy, and his wife are donating $4 billion to health care workers to pay their bills? What a patriot! Did anyone tell Bernie Sanders?


Does anyone know where to find srgnt Friday? He disappeared two days ago

There is a rumor that trump will quarantine the country this week. Anyone hear this two weeks to thirty days

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Clinton 8,537 million. Plus or minus
Trump 4,480 million
Conclusion: trump did significantly better in 2020.
What does that mean.
Trump has hidden support here. No one dare say a word in his behalf on west LA side. But older people are fed up with city and state leadership regarding crime, homeless, and costs to live here.

Sorry. Another site shows trump at 1454307 That is strong will revise my thoughts. Looking at 2016 for comparison

Regarding trump vs dems in California
All the dems together a little over 2,000,000 votes. Trump about 1 million
If your a registered dem you don’t get to vote for trump unless you put him in as a write in candidate. We also wanted to put sanders in.
I’m going to compare that to 2016 but I think in terms of percentage trump is stronger.
Get rid of illegals that cause more repres from California in Congress
Pump up republicans running here.
More thoughts later

Risk of death from the virus about 2%. Risk to die if supply lines or economy Collapses increases to 10%. China will soon open all their factories due to above risk levels. Same everywhere else

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Carlos Osweda
This is truly an amazing era.

In the past, political lies were at least plausible. Today, the Democrats and their media lapdogs have a kind of anti-Trump Tourette Syndrome that makes them blurt lies that have no basis in reality.

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Ok I admit. This cornovirus frightens me.
I do not hear one word from anyone or anywhere about what services are provided if it happens in LA. I listen to reports that demonstrate how fast it’s moving. I hear that the politicans are bungling it. What do you hear or know for sure

The older people in my high end west side LA area are starting to vent on the neighborhood board about the homelessness population, no police reaction to safety, higher taxes, misuse of taxes, safely, cost of living (insurance, water, electrical, parking meters, etc). They are overtly blaming it on the demo politicians. Police stand down on robberies. Just paper shuffle. Wait until they find out about attack on prop 13 and inheritance tax on the ballot 40% over 3.5 million.

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