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Look what I stumbled across just now...from 5 years ago.

(I love the e=mc hammer part)

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There was something creepy about it, like Hollywood songs and Hollywood TV and many of their actors (speaking for how I perceived that myself in the late 1970s and after).

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yup, the "ecology" movement back in the day was nothing but socialistic ideals being foisted on school aged children...not unlike what's happening today.

@Seedsaver I remember sitting in Catholic grammar school with my new school folder with the big “E” for ecology symbol and feeling uncomfortable in the 60s! There was a lot of “E” stuff then, ecology, ERA.....

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@macoman4u1 Dude - I live near the Everglades - it's eat or be eaten, ha ha.

@Argentum47 I wanna make my own memes, but so far I suck, so I shouldn't quit my day job. Gab was all uninvited porno overtures, so gross. There's a thirst in the world for sharing real knowledge and debating ideas. News media could do that (a little bit), if they weren't compromised, universities should, but don't. Hopefully QV's "digital Minutemen" - per Saul is a step toward expanding minds.

@masterblaster @NevadaJack Asparagus sucks. I am an avid gardener. Plants have to apologize to me if they don't perform. If not - time to shovel prune.

@Argentum47 @ThomasWic With all the smart people here the temptation to devolve into a narcissistic competition is huge. It's striking that it doesn't go there. Excepting the dorks that Thomas and Saul excise.

@Argentum47 @ThomasWic I like your posts. There is a generosity of spirit here about sharing knowledge. It's a university of mature minds.

@REX NATCAPS. Sounds like a winning sports team. Great thread.

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In the end, it's to the benefit of the Saudis that people are too stupid to understand what's actually happening, but at the same time, we have major media outlets putting out endless .

And these "experts" are always on the side of our enemies.


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Almost all "news" is a waste of time at best and misleading at worst.

It has to change.

I expect it will in Trump's second term.


@MistyNan @ThomasWic If the concept of a "false Pope" is real he's it. I'm jaded as I get older. He is to popery as Paul Ryan was to conservatives.

@macoman4u1 @chip 😊 Mebbe, but probably. I suffer or prosper from hyper vigilance due to my eccentric background.

@macoman4u1 @chip Went to Gettysburg as a teenager and it does have an off world vibe. Now that I'm in Floriduh I was a bit surprised by the Koreshan Park Site. It's Florida's version of the Shaker community. Started in 1894 and was one of Edison's first electrified towns. He convinced the community to allow him to install electricity. I've been to his lab site in West Orange, NJ. Has a creepy history, but it feels weird too. 'Course I have an overly active imagination.

Parmesan cheese crisps are unholy and Carlos Osweda is kicking butt on Twitter.

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