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Most Chinese treat their homes in much the same way as they do the industrial buildings. They have heating and A/C but it's expensive, so they seldom use it except for parties and entertaining, but otherwise bundle up at home.

My apartment was toasty warm and those who visited openly let me know that I was wasteful. Insane.

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Generally speaking, of course, all Asians I know in China, South Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia are deathly afraid of fevers.

They know that it's a symptom, but don't realize that it's beneficial. Necessary even, and only a danger if the temperature gets so high that brain cells can be damaged.

So they FIGHT fevers. ALL FEVERS. With iced wet rags. And Chinese fans.

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My son caught a flu when he was three. I got a call at work from my wife saying that they had taken him to the hospital because his fever was so high (it wasn't).

I was horrified when I went into the large room with thirty or so mothers and grandmothers looking after children on gurneys.

My son was NAKED on a gurney, shivering as they KEPT APPLYING ICY WET RAGS, then FANNING HIM!

"Fever evil! Must kill fever! Need opposite of fever!!!"

Fucking idiots.

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I bundled him up and let the hens follow me out in chattering squawking protest.

I explained to my wife what a fever was, why we get them, and when to bundle vs. when to ice bath for safety.

Theirs was the rule, not the exception in Asia.

And I have ZERO DOUBTS that this approach to fevers accounts for more unnecessary flu fatalities in Asia.


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@StevenDouglas Do you think the terrible air quality combined with the densely population contribute to this as well?

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@Baline Not much, but that's just a guess. The air quality in Wuhan is really good. Same with Shanghai and all of Jiangsu province.

Beijing's another story, but people are generally wealthier there and they have better health services overall.

They're just not educated. Every hospital caters to Western AND traditional medicine, and information (and wives' tale traditional beliefs) are always in conflict.

@IndiaMaria I’m seeing some real pops here in SW FL. I think people are convinced that the economy will continue to improve and that Trump will be in charge.

@umad80 Since I am way older than you, cough... We did not have the luxury of the internet while at work. I am a geek so I read every bit of industry essays to keep from boredom. Processing is as important as the materials used - paper bags landfilled could last a 100 years. Plastic compacted is minuscule and deteriorates. I stated to my friend that I believe it's important to be ecologically sound but the U.S. is not the bad guy and anything that involves money transfer is a holdup.

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@Joycevor Any male in the democrat party is a beta. 😂

I'm finding that, while it's still slow going, many, many staunchly democrat people are leaving the party. And that's a good thing.

Some of us had a discussion about this yesterday. It's going to be a slow process, but it's happening.

And I don't even need any of them to be red pilled. I just want them to wake up to the toxicity of democrat politics.

@umad80 I had this discussion a couple of nights ago with a friend who works for Bloomberg. He's gay and I quote " a lot of people are waking up". I didn't press him. He knows I welcome everybody. He asked me about climate change. I was straight up. I said the climate changes daily. I did give him a dissertation on Grettochio's (Greta T) relatives multi-generation scam. I also have a background in resource recovery. I used to work for Merrill Lynch as an asst to the muni bankers there.

@umad80 She’s frustrates me, because she writes a lot of common sense stuff, but still won’t admit the democrats don’t work anymore as good politics. She even seems to grudgingly admire Trump. She has been more silent over the last 2 years. I have to think she’s mulling over and perhaps mourning the death of traditional democrat politics.

@umad80 I’d say feminazis and betas are the same. They don’t know how to relate to the opposite sex so they spew rage. I don’t know any betas (I think). I like Camille Paglia’s essays. She often talks about the loss of mystery in feminine personae and the importance of strong masculine counterparts. She also points out that she is one of the original dysphorics. As someone who identifies as more masculine (even dressing that way in the 60s and 70s), she embraces traditional gender attraction.

@Darabrab You can hear my dog whine in the video. I have no doubt she thought the panther was a buddy.

@Darabrab They're pretty skittish. Every dog in the neighborhood sounded the alarm including mine.

And now for something completely different. One of the neighborhood panthers decided to visit at happy hour.

@umad80 @Elaines2cents @RAD @timr Watched it with my grandmother and the irony is she took care of her own mother who had it. Back then - 60s - a priest also did an exorcism on my ggma! My ggma was an unholy terror so it was probably warranted. I hope someday there is a cure for this awful disease. Caregivers are saints.

@ThomasWic Today a bunch of high school acquaintances argued online whether the Dem debaters were bullies. I refrained from pointing out that piranhas are nicer. I am eagerly anticipating Trump's new world. Christmas on steroids for the average American.

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But we've never actually lived in the world that Trump envisions.

I think that will do a lot to stop most of the craziness we're seeing.


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