Cold weather in Florida causes the orchids to flower. Anybody up north would snort at 60 degrees being considered cold.

On FB - credit to Ruth Marie Rowe the poster. "According to the dog's shadow we will have four more years of Trump."

It's so exciting today! Took a little drive in the Everglades and encountered this adorable creature blocking the road. We gingerly drove forward, he took a leap at the car, missed and kept running. He was smiling bigly with big scary teeth. Maybe he thought I was a Democrat? I think I'll call him Donald.

This is my husband's WTC pin. His uncle, Robert Koch, owned the steel company that built the WTC. A funny thing. As I was fleeing the shadow of a bombed building I was concerned that it would pancake lower Manhattan. My husband wasn't sure if I'd come home, but years before he'd challenged his uncle on the wisdom of building so high. Uncle Bob bristled and explained how the Trade Center would collapse if the structure was bombed. It performed the way it was designed and I'm still here.

It's not just Judas goats. One of the programs in FL to eradicate the pythons. Governor DeSanctis is expanding the hunting areas.

Thanks to a tracker installed in Charlie 5, a Burmese python, the snake led researchers to two breeding balls in 2019. This tracking method is called the Judas snake program and has allowed the team to remove 17 pythons from Big Cypress National Preserve over the past two years. (Photo: LEAH VOSS/TCPALM)

Chicken curry. My husband made coconut rice too. This chef is entertaining and the video is a hoot. I'm pasting the video because he has some good tips on how to sweat the onions and tomatoes. Here's the

Since snakes are on display today in DC how appropriate was it that we found this cottonmouth in our garden this morning? It was discovered by a County appraiser who was measuring my house. I suppose my taxes could go up, but I’ll be alive to pay them. My husband and hero dispatched it. We tried to hose it away, but no dice. He wanted a fight. This is not the actual snake. Ours was only a foot long.

I am not going to introduce my dogs to Alexa. Best Super Bowl commercial.

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