Russian fake news.

This video is FAKE, so don't be grossed out.

For one thing, it takes the guy forever to get to the other car.

And he put on his FLASHERS after he stopped.

Then she TURNS HER BACK, hiding the man from the camera for a full four seconds.

When we see him again, the whole front of his hoodie is soaked with blood.

Look in the top third of the right-hand part of the screen.

That's the reflection of someone sitting in the front passenger seat, moving around.

And just watching.

Actually, this is the reflection of a still-camera lens, I think.

Social media has made people into perma-children.

All they care about is getting likes and clicks.



@ThomasWic This is why I like this site. I’m talking to people who are total strangers, yet I don’t feel detached. On FB, few people liked or paid attention to what I had to say.

These were people who I grew up with, went to school with and worked with. In reality, they were nothing more than pictures with names.

I post what I want because I feel good getting my thoughts and stories out. I actually feel appreciated here and I’m sure everyone else feels the same way.

@Argentum47 @ThomasWic I like your posts. There is a generosity of spirit here about sharing knowledge. It's a university of mature minds.

@Joycevor @ThomasWic Thank you. That’s what sets this place apart. The key word here is mature.


@Argentum47 @ThomasWic With all the smart people here the temptation to devolve into a narcissistic competition is huge. It's striking that it doesn't go there. Excepting the dorks that Thomas and Saul excise.

@Joycevor @ThomasWic It’s because we have self restraint and we don’t have blimp like egos. We take the time to read what others say, instead of jumping to conclusions.

Go to Twitter or those other wannabe sites. Everyone has to be the first to comment. The first to make the joke. The first to post the tired old meme. On Gab, it’s like a competition to be the most vulgar, most paranoid and most hate filled lunatic on the the name of “free speech” of course.

@Argentum47 I wanna make my own memes, but so far I suck, so I shouldn't quit my day job. Gab was all uninvited porno overtures, so gross. There's a thirst in the world for sharing real knowledge and debating ideas. News media could do that (a little bit), if they weren't compromised, universities should, but don't. Hopefully QV's "digital Minutemen" - per Saul is a step toward expanding minds.

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