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It was clear that the crew had just gotten news over the radio about the WTC, so the captain announced that they would not be allowing passengers to disembark and they would not allow us to board. This did not sit well with the project managers. A furious pantomime ensued.The "lady with the baby" was getting on the boat, um, goddamnit. The deck hands folded their Popeye arms while the captain supervised from the bridge. The Tommy Hilfiger/Nautica clad pirates stormed the plank.

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We arrived at the floating dock for the ferry along with the other escapees. It was a mix of bankers, lawyers, and support staff. Amusingly we were all dressed in the recently approved "business casual". We were also connected by our emotions - pissed, sad and shocked, but in true NYC fashion we were quiet. The exception was a young blonde Mom with a toddler in a stroller. She was bawling out loud. This caught the attention of the project managers. The ferry pulled in full of passengers.

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Plane #2 hit overhead as we go to the corner. The street rumbled and Meaghan grabbed my hand. I asked her if she knew the nearest ferry stop to NJ, so we ran to the Seaport. A block away from the ferry we encountered a Lebanese guy selling food in a trailer on the corner. He was crying listening to the radio. Meaghan insisted on buying us water, so we bought our waters from the crying man and moved on.

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NY'ers get a bad rap. I'm from NJ, but I worked in Manhattan so long that I think I can claim residence. I don't think of NY/NJ folks as rude. We're direct. We are linear problem solvers. Much like "the Donald". When he came down the escalator the day he announced my ears lit up. I have been in little doubt since about the turnaround he proposed. I've also been astounded by the depth of his mission. It is indeed spiritual and absolutely hearkens back to the Founding Fathers.

Every day is a hard workout opening boxes, arranging (too much stuff) and cleaning after. Starved and tired we went to Tavola Pizza in a little strip mall. They serve hand tossed in 3 sizes. You can order from their menu or design your own. Old County had garlic parm overdust? or overcrust? on top of the thin crust, sliced san marz tomatoes, basil, prosciutto, and a balsamic reduction drizzle. It was sublime. The local runner's club was downing excellent craft beers at the bar and welcomed us.

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The kids are so great. Yesterday, I had about 5 Lil’ Dragons come up to me wanting me to tie their belt. And this one little girl, she runs up to me going, “Miss Dawn! Miss Dawn!” and then launches into a story about her chickens while I’m tying her belt. Then one little boy always calls me “Mister Dawn” 😂

Honestly, the best days of my week are Monday-Wednesday. Especially the Lil’ Dragon class.

I am at war with AT&T. I like AT&T. My husband used to work for them. The outsourcing of customer svc. away from field employees is an abomination. So I am being polite but irate in my quest to get internet delivered before 2023. Can you even imagine how stupid this is? 2nd floor supervisor: You are not in orange or blue status, BUT YOU ARE IN RED!" They can't explain what that means or give me hard dates. Today I got a text for confirmed Friday install. CODE RED, CODE RED.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re having filet mignon surrounded by moving boxes. I am celebrating that I found all my eyeshadow palettes. In case you were wondering how shallow I am :) We were serenaded this morning by a flock of sand hill cranes. My husband’s favorite. They mate for life.

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Thanksgiving is special in American history. Hope you have a wonderful day of Thanksgiving with your loved ones and companions. Gratitude amongst good food and aromas with 1 or 30+ other human (and fluffy) companions is sacred, a lifting day no matter the shape of it. I celebrate the pen-pal buds here at Quod in my prayers this Thanksgiving, among so much in a really big year.

Much Love, Lisa

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Short thread//

I soooo hope the wider public gets to know about the Elf of Doom's behind-the-scene machinations in their info on their own wellbeing and livelihoods. Little psychopathic pr*ck.

"Dr. Fauci sits for deposition in COVID-19 social media censorship case"

Addendum: "I thought it was like a Tide pod." 😂

Our moving truck came today. We've been unpacking and I'm reminded of a line : You are old Father William the young man said and your hair has become very white. And yet you incessantly stand on your head. At your age do you think it is right? I sent my tired aching husband to the tub with a bath bomb. He just surfaced." How did it go?" Not well at first. I didn't realize I needed to peel off the plastic wrapping. 😂

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@timr @umad80 @StevenDouglas

Heard a comment made with regards to not "liking" him but loving his policies.

The reality is you cannot separate the two. Who else ever even came half or even a quarter? How many kept the promises made?

That IS the metric.

I can look past all of his personal traits as I am not electing a PR person but the Chief Executive for the business of the United States of America.

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I don't know if any of you gives a RAT's ASS, but tomorrow evening I will be sleeping on my own mattress after 3 weeks of gypsy life. It is a new mattress. My furniture isn't arriving until next Wednesday. Vive "le camping".

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Yup - that was a damn good Trump speech.. On point, hitting hard on domestic issues, not sounding bitter or spiteful, and filled with hope at the end..

I’m in.. 💪👍

I still have my Trump/Pence cups from the last election. Will they be more or less valuable if I white out Pence's name?

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@BlkLdyPatriot @masterblaster
The Governor and Local/State is much more important now.
Washington DC is fucked.

Local is where the fight is. The Communist know this.

It is really an unscrupulous business model. They asked ME to provide evidence. I went "NOOK YOU LER". I provided County flood statements, a fire dept. account mentioning fires and floods and news photos. I spent an hour yelling (but not swearing) at the poor customer service person until I got a supervisor. I was prepared to sic code enforcement on them once I got clarification on tenant laws, but they caved. I hope this is a metaphor for our election fight. Small steps.

My new house had garage doors installed so I may be able to close tomorrow. I also won an epic battle with Airbnb. I had to exit a house I had rented on the barrier island when the hurricane was predicted to arrive. I rented one closer in which got flooded. The jackass host tried the non-refundable gambit. Sorry bitches. I drove to the property and the access road was flooded which I reported. I had to endure the torture of phone complaining but I tortured them.

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3. Through all of this my granddaughter stayed on a good path. The past three years she has worked, played sports and maintained her grades in school. She has a great group of friends.

She is wise beyond her years and worked hard to defy the odds she has had against her.

When she called me today to tell me the news about the acceptance I cried. It’s been a long haul but there is light for her at the end of the tunnel. She earned it.

Thanks for heart is full tonight.

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