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But we've never actually lived in the world that Trump envisions.

I think that will do a lot to stop most of the craziness we're seeing.


Mikey just went full Mussolini. "Trump doesn't have a team.He just makes decisions. You can't run the railroad that way."

I'd rather watch Trump's rally. I decided to check in on mini Mike and his competitors. Bloomie is getting flayed, but they're all insane. How 'bout - Make Politics "Normal" Again?

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I'm an admirer of Grenell also. He has been an aggressive promoter of Trump's policies, not a milquetoast Ambassador as so many are. That is, if they're not actively working against Trump, e.g. Ukraine!

I'm pleased Grenell is moving up in the administration.

I have always liked Richard Grenell. If he had a fan club I'd volunteer. That's unserious. Grenell is anything but. I read an opinion on twitter today that equated his foreign policy style with Trump's. They're both unafraid and surgical in their dissection of the globalist b.s.

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Experienced firsthand tonight the tools of LEO. Some jackass decided to elude the sheriff's deputies on a road every idiot thinks is a thruway. Unfortunately for them it deadends at the lovely fountain of a neighboring community. Police cars and a helicopter were dispatched. Seeing flickering lights I ventured outside and a drone locked in on me. I was not at all disconcerted. It did persuade me to go indoors. Wondering how I looked on camera? The drone was not impressed.

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@Divnanata just pointed out something else:

Polling low fires up the base to get out there and bring five people each.

See, pollsters always oversample Democrats. And pollsters never ask the right questions.

People don't want strangers to think that they SUPPORT TRump's terrible terrible tweeting, so when asked, they say they disapprove of him.

So pollsters are fooled.

They think a low approval rating means Trump might not be reelected.

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Americans no longer say that the economy is their main concern.

That's HORRIBLE news for the Democrats.

When Americans worry about the economy, they vote Democrat because of all the empty promises.

Trump quite brilliantly took away all the Democrats' selling points AND made himself "unlikeable" so that he would get a persistent low approval rating.

This means he wins in a spectacular landslide.

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@Joycevor @EngOnDemand from what I am hearing, there is a competitor in the wings...and it will sit on top of the current infrastructure. It is DEFINITELY NOT Huawei! We know they are theives and spies! And they built their network to accomplish those aforementioned crimes!

James Woods is now trending on twitter. It's hilarious. He's full steam tweeting like he never left. Rapacious wit is a gift.

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🚨 🚨 🚨 Must read thread by Carlos.

I said that the Democrats are even IMPORTING violent criminals. And now we have the proof. H. R. 5383. The New Way Forward Act.
This isn't a wild conspiracy theory. This is reality.

IT HAS NO CHANCE OF SUCCEEDING, but it's time to stop thinking of the Democrats as anything but terrorists.

Carlos Osweda on Twitter referring to Trump rallies:
"People--STRANGERS--are volunteering to hold places in line for those who need a break to go get something to eat or even take a nap.As I told @Kasparov63, Trump is now FAMILY. Not our leader." Now think about the stellar thing Trump did today in his speech. He displayed public affection for his wife and daughter and son! I felt embraced today too. Do you suppose he's reading Carlos?

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After sleeping on a couple @ThomasWic threads from yesterday, and seeing President Trump easily defeat the swamp creatures time after time, it finally occurred to me what I admire most about the man.

He literally EMBODIES the American ethos.

As did Davy Crockett -- to whom I may, or may not -- be distantly related.

Davy had a saying that's simplistic on the surface, but also brilliant in it's simplicity: "Be sure you're right, then go ahead."

That's how our 45th President operates. Always.

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Just think about this:

Trump's speech will be echoing for a week inside the empty chamber between Pelosi's ears.

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@Mipsel @carolinacally


It's the best political ad in American history.

She looks like Cruella De Vil, symbolically rejecting everything good and successful about this country.

It's amazing how stupid this woman is.

Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer: "We want your water to be clean." Repeat after me: FLINT, FLINT, FLINT.

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I thought her expressions and even clowning around were bad (for her, great graphic material for Republicans), but the ripping of his speech behind his back and on-camera has got to be the political blunder of the decade.

Incredibly mean and stupid even by her standard.

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