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Is it wrong to love sarcasm as much as I do when I read Rising Serpent's tweets?

These Antifa losers look like the bad guys in Road Warrior but minus the cool rides.

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He's aTrump hater.

Everything he says is colored by that.

He also admits that Epstein was in custody because he had a history of intimidating witnesses.

And he says that the lawyers didn't ask for dismissal of the charges.

There's no mystery here.

These National Review bastards are as bad as Elizabeth Warren.

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@NevadaJack Oh, Trump does press briefings alright. Lots of them, more than any other President now. And they're HATING it.

Press briefings have EVOLVED.

* No go-betweens.
* Cameras forced to center on him with grass and trees in the background.
* Engine noise muffles/drowns out all their voices.
* Full control over who's asking (without anyone knowing who's asking!).
* His demeanor is as if everything they're asking is reasonable. He just answers. AT LENGTH.

Delicious, isn't it?

I think it was George Clooney and Heidi Klum in the library with a candlestick.

It's not just Judas goats. One of the programs in FL to eradicate the pythons. Governor DeSanctis is expanding the hunting areas.

Thanks to a tracker installed in Charlie 5, a Burmese python, the snake led researchers to two breeding balls in 2019. This tracking method is called the Judas snake program and has allowed the team to remove 17 pythons from Big Cypress National Preserve over the past two years. (Photo: LEAH VOSS/TCPALM)

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@ThomasWic Happy end of your birthday (although if I were you I'd milk it and go all week). When I think of your self proclaimed hermit status I am reminded of the Black Tower in Trier, Germany. It was very black when I visited in the 90s and leaned a bit like Pisa. The resident hermit was dearly beloved like you and although he rarely left the tower the villagers made sure he was well provisioned. Words of wisdom are worth many loaves of bread.

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@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Joycevor I wasn’t talking about a rebellion against a Being. I was talking about rebellion against the things I believe are unfair. Sorry if I didn’t explain it properly.

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@ThomasWic @Joycevor I used to consider myself mostly Agnostic when I was younger, but life has taught me that there is a power greater than me out there, and I have had too many unexplainable experiences to not know that THAT is true. The rest? I will find out when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

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Medicare for all NOT a NEW idea, and it's a TERRIBLE one. Liberals/socialists have been promoting this old saw for decades.

Even now, doctors are hard to find who will take Medicare. My doctor doesn't.

"Medicare for all" is a loaded panacea that will only put government in total control of our healthcare.

THAT is a very dangerous proposition.

@Cdubois It's BBC I think. You can find it on youtube. I dunno if it's on P or N. The most interesting parts for me are the engineering parts even if it's engineering for dummies.There are a few spinoffs too. These folks have made a cottage industry on cray cray chateau renos.

I'm not watching shitshow #2 tonight. We're enjoying a purely fantastical home renovation show - Escape to the Chateau. 2 eccentric Brits buy a chateau for 285k Euros & renovate on a budget. He looks like a walrus and she looks like Rosie the Riveter. Their budget is endless - that's the fantasy part. Wouldn't you love to have a moat, start a truffle business, install a vacuum tube elevator in a tower, learn how to cultivate carp, & create a walled garden? Maniacally cheerful unlike the debate.

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@sixbennetts @Debradelai @EarlThePearls @jeauxy @Torchbearer

I think of SQV as the place where we continue to be educated using facts, analysis, critical thinking and spirited debate—like our colleges used to offer before all the liberal bias and BS.

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@Joycevor he is doing Some GREAT THINGS, with his Money & Social media followers. The Best was a Baby needed special Meds to live, The cost is over 200k a pop, the Drug Company Said last week it will make sure the baby gets the Meds she needs. Mr Pulte launched a Campaign, I even called the Rx company along with close to a million plp and the Rx company finally Caved in. If it was not for Mr.Pulte exposing the story, it never wld have been Done.

In SW FL I'm used to seeing the Pulte name on brand new construction at 500k or more. This is a cool story. I didn't realize Bill Pulte was only 25! Now I see why Trump keeps high giving him on Twitter. Bet this could work in Baltimore.

@ThomasWic Catturd has posted a trending thread on twitter asking if anyone misses you. Many quods have suggested he needn't. It might warm the cockles of your hermit heart to know there's a lot of love and loss being expressed. Nice advertising for quodverum.

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