@karnage Ah yes. The Heartbreak Kid. I am once again reminded why Peter fell for her.

@darulharb Yeah, neither choice was a good one to be honest. Oh, what I could do with either one of those properties...

Star Trek: Go back to Square One. Make the aliens CRAZY WEIRD, and make the crew actual PROFESSIONALS again. And have an alien be the main character who "comes along" and joins the ship. Or someone from the past. Or both.

Fantastic Four: Set it in 1961. Full Kirby. Just have them exist - No origin story. Doom as villain. Just a FUN movie. Basically, redo The Incredibles.

@Springlett Yeah, it not only hit hard it CRAWLED across central Florida dumping tons of rain. Which is extremely rare for hurricanes.

@karnage Yeah, Edge of Tomorrow is fantastic. It also benefits from seeing Tom Cruise die repeatedly in several brutal ways...

@Donjanusgjrdrm Yes. I liked the new Nicholas Cage movie (which he plays himself) The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent very much.

Also think the latest Spider-Man qualifies as a good movie, not just a good Marvel movie. Also enjoyed The Northman, the second Downton Abbey movie, and Everything Everywhere all at Once.

Heard Elvis is good, haven't seen it.
Likewise the new Top Gun.

@Jaime @BirdDog Identify what you want to buy. Look at prices today. Subtract 30% from that price. THEN use tools like Camel Camel Camel to get email alerts on Amazon prices. Then if you get an alert that hits your target price, comparison shop. Buy if you want, and/or wait.

@BirdDog I fully expect a tremendous number of bargains to be available from all retailers. I also fully expect to see much of these products unsold.

Black Friday is when retailers enter the "black" on balance sheet.

With full warehouses across the US for these retailers, even deep discounts may not move the needle.

Me? I can afford to buy lots of stuff.


I'm gonna only buy loss-leader blurays to A) get new content and B) not give Hollywood any more money than I have to.


Walmart Is Gearing Up For The Holidays Early To Fight Inflation, Supply Chain Issues

Walmart is attempting to stave off full store shelves come Dec. 26th so they're ramping up hiring & sales for the holidays to try and capture as many purchases possible and not be left holding the bag..

Ironically enuff, I was in Home Depot earlier this week & they had already cleared out the Halloween decoration displays and were putting in the XMas goods...in September.

@NewtGingrich: "With President Biden introducing a dead congresswoman and VP Harris explaining how solid our alliance with NORTH Korea is, it is difficult to decide who is more cognitively challenged"


🚨🚨Now it’s being reported that the Lee County Sheriff CANNOT confirm ANY fatalities.

This is terrible reporting or he’s got some explaining to do.

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