Queen Elizabeth the 2nd was here.

The house on Boston where the King's proclamations were read.

She spoke here in 1976.

God save the Queen.

Back from the JoeLanta toy show(have company coming this afternoon) and I spent way more than I planned. But when a guy was getting rid of all his Action Man 40th sets for less than what he paid, well... Gotta help a fellow fan.

So my large format printer was acting up. I replaced the controller card for the hotend and it is working. For now.

Which is good because I have to finish printing this beast.

So, tonight at 6:00 EST I'm gonna be on YouBoob talking about 3D design and printing and making toys and such and such. Watch if ya can. t.co/gYsyUm8HD3

So there was a "flea market" at the game expo today.

Spent $60.

Here is what I got.

So I'm taking a half-day off today to spend the weekend at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo in Marietta GA. Vintage arcade machines and consoles and (most important) PINBALL. 100+ unique tables.

So after two+ days of playing with my balls, I'll probably be too toasty to do QuodMeet by the time I get home Sunday. Have fun without me...

So, after spending hundreds of dollars to a pest control service yesterday (and soon to pay hundreds more to have them finish the job) I did a "Fuck it." thing.

She Who Must Be Obeyed and I now own two square feet of land in Scotland.

Making me Lord Joseph Dickerson and her, Lady SWMBO.

No genuflecting expected or requested.

Did you know that Mike Nesmith of the Monkees served in the Air Force?

Well, he did.

He enlisted, too.

Aim high, Mike. And RIP.


Still working on it.

My most ambitious toy/playset design... Ever.

Over five feet of fun and happiness.

1/3rd there.

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