So, my oldest son and his partner came over for dinner.

He had news.



So... Not quite ready to be a Grandfather.


Looks like it gonna happen.


Congrats! Something tells me you'll make a wonderful grandfather. 😁

Woohoo, congratulations 🎉🎉🎉😁
What’s it gonna be?

@Josephcdickerson Now you’re going to have to buy a place in FL - because doesn’t everyone’s grandparents live there? :) Congrats!

@Josephcdickerson of all the roles I’ve had in life, being grandma is my favorite. The grands are now 23, 20 & 16 & I do something with each of them about once a month. I’m proud of how good a mom my daughter is and proud how all three are finding there way into adulthood

Enjoy! Grandkids are the best!


Congratulations! You’ll make a wonderful Grandfather.

One of the greatest gifts, even if you are not quite ready. I became a grandmother at 38. Now I have 6! My oldest grand is 22, my youngest 2. My heart is always full when they are around. Congratulations! Embrace it!


The bad thing about being a grandfather is that you get to bed a grandmother!

Congrats to all.

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