As I mentioned in the latest Quod Meet, Hollywood is beginning to turn away from Wokeness. Why? Because they have to make as much $$ as they can (because COVID broke the billion-dollar blockbuster model). Which means not offending 1/2 of potential customers with political BS.

Where will the return to traditional entertainment begin?

Believe it or not... Disney.

This is a MUST WATCH.


What do you make of the rumors about John Malone driving the decision making at the soon-to-be WarnerBrosDiscovery?

@Josephcdickerson From the same firm an incoming governor elect just left.

Granted that has nothing to do with it but it signals to me in the larger picture along with the rumble investment.

Maybe the big money in America thats been fed up with wokes overreaching is starting to roll up their sleeves in various different ways.

@drivebyreadr Yup. The Investment Class is sick of Woke shit hurting their bottom line. So they are stepping in.

@Josephcdickerson Little over a decade after Occupy misdirected all of its rage at em. Its almost poetic. Only in this case, the investors wont drop the ball with their backlash.

@redwhitebluedude @drivebyreadr The new Disney Chairman of the Board is a woman AND a (non-Woke) lesbian.

Who is therefore protected if she fired Kennedy.

@drivebyreadr @Josephcdickerson

The investment Class can have their own faults, will they be able to nurture creativity in Hollywood?

@redwhitebluedude @Josephcdickerson I heard between midnights edge and the rumor mill to Doomcock that her renewal was the equivalent of a Japanese firing. Esentially quarantine and make irrelevant.

What an interesting video. It certainly gives some good speculation to what might've been happening behind the scenes to get Iger out and someone competent in to correct the damage to Disney and it's associated properties.

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