The Biden admin is blocking a Trump order that reduces the cost of drugs such as insulin for low-income patients.

Compassion at work!

My mom is diabetic, but not low income, so this wouldn't have helped her anyway. But what's stopping big pharma now?

@Josephcdickerson unbelievable move to strip diabetic citizens a much needed break. Any Biden voter, please take note of your pal’s actions against you. Congratulations for your lack of insight into the man that solely prevented students from filing bankruptcy for their worthless student loans, especially at a time when the entry of H2b folks will be multiplied many times. I have been the only American on an entire IT department floor of one of the top 3 AMERICAN BANKS. hello lower wages🧐


Perhaps I read the article wrong, but it sure sounded like HHS was DELAYING the Trump order to late March...

HHS hasn;'t blocked it....yet.

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