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"Mrs. Ricardo, the logical choice is to clearly describe the situation to your husband.

Knowing your very human predilections, however, I believe instead you will decide upon a scheme that some would call 'wacky.' "

ChatGPT has gone from the mentality of a 1 year old baby to the mental function of a 2nd grader (so, that's what, 6 years old?) in only a year. Pretty amazing.

Just found out an old friend of mine (and fellow Star Trek fan) Vernon Wilmer committed suicide earlier this year. If you know anyone suffering from depression, PLEASE get them help. He was my age. RIP.

Been pretty much off the grid the past week+, due to more family drama we had to deal with remotely (while we were on my birthday cruise). Headed to Seattle today for a Microsoft alumni conference and will be back to a "normal" schedule by Monday.


Yes, it hurts.

I remember watching with my father in the evenings “El agente de CIPOL”, agent Illya Kuryakin.

We also watched in the 70’s the TV series “The Invisible Man” where he played Daniel Westin. I was about 8 years old.

And lately, one reason I still watch NCIS is the wonderful “Ducky” Dr. Donald Mallard.

What a great actor he was.

He’ll be missed.

On our way to Orlando today. Last two days have been a little crazy, but not in a bad way. Ready for a break.

And FYI I just bought some Star Trek film cells on ebay, for a lot less than $186... Which was how much Rod was charging.

Like, $50. For six sets.

Today's Trek Toot.

Way back in the late sixties Gene Roddenberry founded Lincoln enterprises. He used the company to sell LOTS of Star Trek stuff. Including scripts.

That he stole from Desilu.

They also sold film cells - actual 35mm film frames from outtakes and edits.

Lots of them.

His son Rod is dumping all of his remaining cells online.

TECHNICALLY what you are buying is his autograph, as he doesn't actually "own" the cells... SMART.

BTW, he's an asshole.

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