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"Mrs. Ricardo, the logical choice is to clearly describe the situation to your husband.

Knowing your very human predilections, however, I believe instead you will decide upon a scheme that some would call 'wacky.' "

More pics of my Rebel Blockade playset. Started in June, finished this last weekend. Frankly I'm exhausted.

@Josephcdickerson you mean posting memes of biden confused and falling is not moving voters?

@Josephcdickerson if I hadn’t been committed to voting for Walker, I too might have caved to the incessant attack ads in Georgia. ALL commercials I saw presented the holiness of Reverend Warnock, the evil of Walker wanting to kill his wife, and vast numbers of “conservative Republicans” who could never vote for such a monster as Walker when the Reverend has only done such wonderful things for Georgia. All the Spanish adds even stated “don’t vote for evil” attacking Walker. He had no chance.

Finally, anyone saying that Trump is to "blame" for these close losses... Well, the voters of the states selected the candidates for the GOP. Trump endorsed.

I'm now very concerned about 2024. GA is not turning purple, BUT it is very much like the rest of the country: Red areas getting redder, blue areas getting bluer.

And LOTS of people live in the blue areas.

If the GOP does not AGGRESSIVELY invest in a solid GOTV process/tech then we are in trouble.

Quick postmortem on GA Senate race.
- Dems flooded the zone with TV & youtube ads, many directing people to signup at (which helped microtargeting and GOTV efforts)
- The media covered themselves in glory once more, burying stories that hurt Warnock
- Most of the NRSC ads were "stop the recklesss spending" boilerplate that gave no reasons to vote FOR Walker
- Dems GOTV and early voting efforts focused on Fulton, DeKalb, and Gwinnett. They worked.
- Walker was not a good candidate

Today's Star Trek toot.


RIP Kirstie Alley.

She was, of course, Saavik in the best Star Trek film.

She was also a beautiful woman, talented and funny and...


So, my biggest toy design project is DONE. It is the Rebel Blockade Runner from the first Star Wars.

Five. Feet. Long.

Biden's FEMA to Florida: Fuck off, no more money.

Comparing FEMA's assistance to a red state to previous assistance to blue states paints an interesting picture...

Right now I'm a wondering where the good times have gone

All the things I never loved when they was mine

A hot city and an empty pocket make a man think on

And I've been living low so long
I gotta get back where I belong

A 45-point laundry list of questions that would keep any real journalist busy for years. Each is a story in itself.

Looking over the bowl schedule.




Well Bama gets to play a New Years Eve bowl against Kansas State

A nice consolation prize.

Well, Bama didn't make the final 4.

Oh, well. You gotta win

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