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"Mrs. Ricardo, the logical choice is to clearly describe the situation to your husband.

Knowing your very human predilections, however, I believe instead you will decide upon a scheme that some would call 'wacky.' "

Reportedly, Phil Collins will not be with us for much longer.


Here's a 1987 concert of Genesis, at its peak of (post Gabriel) greatness.


Disney has landed the latest punch in the fight between the company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis concerning Walt Disney World's special taxation district.

Board members picked by the governors to oversee the governance of the former Reedy Creek Improvement District have had their powers muted as the board's predecessors passed restrictive covenants.

The board created by DeSantis is considering legal action.

Thank you Bragg for Electing our next President, Trump will WIN in a landslide. Most Americans will not Tolerate this.

RIP pioneering black animator Leo D. Sullivan. He did a lot of stuff you probably enjoyed as a kid. Or as an adult.


I had heard similar reviews and frankly, as a former player & DM of Dungeons & Dragons, I find the who thing an affront and insult to that which I held dear..

(which is pretty much what modern Hollywood and Entertainment has done to nearly all my hobbies and entertainment outlets)

That said, I walked away from D&D a long time ago and forged my own path (I'm a Game Designer and built out my own game system).

So in the immortal words of those wiser than I...

"Fuck 'em.." 🖕

So, it looks like the new Dungeons and Dragons movie will under-perform this weekend. It may not even get the number one slot, because John Wick 4 has great word of mouth.


Hasbro has treated fans of both D&D and Marvel badly the last year, and they desperately need this film to be a hit. Many fans are boycotting out of principle.

Again, GOOD.

Ace had a good review/take on the film and the situation:

While I am trying to cut my spending on toys and collectibles, a recent item was too good to not pick up.

Spinmasters Toys has released a 1989 Batman action figure.

Along with an equivalently scaled Batwing vehicle. It's 27 inches wide.

Total price for both: $40. INSANE value.

If you have any kids or nephews who love Batman, this is a fantastic gift for them.

An update on my 3d printing farm.

All my machines are back up!
All 10 printers. I am about to get two HUGE orders soon, and so I took extra efforts the past week to get the "mains back online".

That is all.

@Josephcdickerson —RE: “ Differing political views heightened the tension. Mr. Perlmutter supported Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns for president and recently signaled he would support the Trump campaign in 2024. Mr. Iger is a Democrat who has been vocal about using Disney movies as vehicles for progressive values.”

The Times let the proverbial Cat out of the bag, admitting Hollywood’s confirmation bias out loud.

Anyone who thinks that the comic book business is in a healthy place... Well, Disney just fired the guy who is in charge of it. And look at the numbers:

From the NYT...

"By the end, Mr. Perlmutter’s job was limited to businesses like comics publishing, which generates $40 million to $60 million in sales annually, according to analysts. (To contextualize, Disney had about $83 billion in total revenue in 2022.)"

Well, now they will be inducing labor one week from today. I am thinking they are just hoping she pops before then.

But, by hook or by crook, I will be a grandfather one week from today.

I have a newfound respect for the elderly.

Well, the grandkid is not here yet. false labor. They will be inducing labor later this week.

Today's Trek Toot.

Don't watch Picard. S3 is apparently good. Whatevs.

But the newest ep had a scene that hints at...

The return of...

James. T. Kirk.

I'm both excited and petrified at the notion.

So I was fully planning on being at QuodMeet tonight. Except...

I may be in the hospital.

My son's partner just called. She thinks she is going into labor.

One more post before I go offline...

So there's a huge toy show in Atlanta this weekend. I'm not going.

I COULD go, same for Joefest in Augusta this summer, but I'm going "cold turkey" when it comes to toy shows and (for the most part) collecting. There are dozens of new items coming out I would love to own, but at a certain point, you don't NEED any more stuff.

When a couple of months back I forgot that I had ordered something and it arrived, that was a sign to hit the brakes.

SWMBO is quite happy with my decision.

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