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Here's a reminder to all you Quods: Please subscribe to my pal Michael's YouTube channel. He's THIS CLOSE to 100K, and the least I can do is boost his signal.

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"Mrs. Ricardo, the logical choice is to clearly describe the situation to your husband.

Knowing your very human predilections, however, I believe instead you will decide upon a scheme that some would call 'wacky.' "

So how many Electric Vehicles currently sold in the US benefit from the $7500 tax break in the "Reduce Inflation" bill?

Exactly none.

So why is gas prices falling?

It ain't because of Biden - or if it is "helping", the draining of our strategic oil reserves is not necessarily a great idea.

Nope. It's about reduced demand and "Substitution."

And, of course, speaking of Jeff Lynne.


I loved it. Still do, warts and all.

It was my introduction to... Well, you know.

RIP, fair lady.

A musical toot.

Cause lots of ya'll are stressed.

I love Jeff Lynne's music.
Ironically, I didn't discover his music because of ELO.

I discovered it because of an album he produced for Roy Orbison.

Mystery Girl.

My dad had it, and I lost my shit the first time I heard it. I put two and two together and started collecting ELO albums. And everything else he did.

Here's a compilation of songs Jeff did for other artists. including Roy, George, Tom, and more.

Suggest everyone adjust their Federal Withholding tomorrow. To not pay any Federal taxes. Until you absolutely have to.

So, my oldest son and his partner came over for dinner.

He had news.



So... Not quite ready to be a Grandfather.


Looks like it gonna happen.

Woke at 5:30 to start a beef brisket smoke. Using Myron Mixon's technique.

Just pulled it and is resting until 5.

May be the best Que I have ever done.

Stay tuned.

Send some prayers up for actress Anne Heche, in critical condition with third degree burns after a car crash Friday.

This made me smile today. Paramount Global predicts a streaming loss of $1.8 billion in 2022, yet they're still claiming their "content investment is working." *Laughs in real Star Trek*

So, I'm a YUGE fan of the Breaking Bad "Universe".

Better Call Saul has two eps left. The newest had appearances from Walt and Jesse.

It also had a wonderful montage with a song I thought I recognized.

They used the demo in the episode.

Mike Nesmith.

It was a Monkees song, pared down to its very essence.

Here it is.

RIP, Mike.

So the Biden Admin is like "Nope, no recession here."

A recent poll showed that 63% of folks surveyed don't believe that, and think we are in a recession.

Today, leftie mag The Atlantic posts an article "How to be Happy in a Recession."

All these people can fuck right off.

In the future, Advanced AI technology will attempt to recreate long lost musicals.

Like Hamilton.

The results are 98.33% accurate.

Ladies and gentlemen...
Axe-Assassin Albertson.

"Speaking for America" featuring Frank Sinatra (Scholastic Magazines, Inc. for distribution in American schools. United States of America, ca. 1946).WWII

As relevant as today as it was back then.

Today's Trek Toot.

Rod Roddenberry is a whore, living off his father's ideas and legacy.

He takes offense at The Shat criticizing nuTrek.

He also has a producer credit on all NuTrek.

Follow the money.
Nuff said.

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