President Trump responding to accusations of marriage between Rep. Omar and her brother.

@ThomasWic @umad80
Something Lucifer once said about Humanity="As long as they must walk the Earth as Mortal Beings, using hand, foot & word, I will always be able to bring them low."
Now picture Trump bringing LUCIFERIANS low by using THEIR "hands"(deeds) Feet(policies) & words(intentions) against them.

We are Blessed beyond measure.


The final Beta Test for regime change in Iran.

"Sudan's ruling military council and opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing accord after all-night talks."

If it can happen in Sudan, it can happen anywhere.

Cassandra Fairbanks doesn't understand why this is happening.

The mullahs' troops and their lackeys were WIPED OUT in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen by Saudi Arabia and her allies.

After Russia lost an entire Mobile Detachment Combat Group at Deir Ezzor, Syria, on February 7, 2018, Putin dumped the mullahs.

Peace through superior firepower, Cassandra.

Cassandra=What tha HELL?
Thomas=It's Kabuki
Cassandra=What tha HELL?
Thomas=Yeah, The Secret US/Saudi?ISRAELI Alliance won big over Iran/Russia.
Cassandra=What tha HELL?
Thomas=Nice talking' to ya.

@Joseph_Cusumano Yep. In 1992 when no one knew who Epstein was. They've really got him now! πŸ™„


Leftists are trying to see how few votes they can get in 2020.

I applaud their effort.

Another "Duh!" from Gateway Pundit.

"The Democrats along with their activist judges are working around the clock to erase our borders and the Republicans sit back and allow it to happen."

Cristina Laila missed Trump getting ACCURATE population data from all executive departments, which will be used in the census.

The citizenship question is a rabbit for Democrats to chase. And they're still chasing it, even after they were told to their faces that it's a rabbit.


When she and Sonny went on the Ed Sullivan show, he introduced her as "Chur."

@Kambeii @Lonestar


Watch some of the videos on YouTube.

Or .

Tons of young urban black Americans who support Trump without being Republicans.

The GOP ruined its brand. It's best that Trump be seen as separate.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.