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On Church Safety...

Quod Family:

After meeting with our regional Church Safety Network this morning, I decided to put together an SOP for dealing with what I call a "Person of Unknown Intent".

I've also included an explanation for why I believe this is the single, most important concept a Church Security or Response Team can implement.

Feel free to copy/paste, edit, share, etc. You can view the doc here:

Nothing like a little dirt bike riding and moose spotting to get the blood flowing.

Great weekend in Island Park, ID.

I've never been great at math, but can someone explain to me why there are far more "should replace" candidate votes than there are "Yes" (to remove) votes?

Does it makes sense that someone would vote "No" on the recall AND vote for a replacement candidate? Because otherwise, the candidate votes don't add up (screenshot taken w/ 66% of the vote counted, 23:56 PST).

A three and a half hour raw interview with Bernard Kerik was released late last night (hosted by Shawn Ryan):

Not all in the Armed Forces are demoralized.

My son sent this to me a few minutes ago.

The gal in the photo is doing a "ruck run" in honor of 9/11. (It's Saturday in Okinawa).

HOLD FAST. We have not yet begun to fight.

IDAHO: Gov. Brad "Chicken" Little threatening to withhold care from the unvaccinated:

Please share this far and wide with your Idaho friends. Little needs to be forceably dragged from office.

Note, he's been on a whirlwind campaign tour the past several months (follow his Twitter for intern-posted fluff). When he's not showing us what a great candidate he'll be in 2022, he's shoving this BS down our throats.

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My former boss, Keith Nightingale, who was in Vietnam and commanded 1st Ranger Battalion has penned an article to all of us who served in Afghanistan. Share with anyone you know who served and feels their sacrifice was in vain. To be honest, in the last days I felt that way. It took Keith to remind me that we upheld our sacred duty with honor. Others? Not so much. Link:

When the neighbor boy comes over to play with my three daughters...

(he's a good sport)

For anyone interested, this is Cedric's Family Restaurant in Idaho Falls, ID (right off I-15). It's a total dive with incredible food.

My wife's favorite is the Zweifel: a 4-egg omelette with peanut butter, apples and bananas (sauteed in honey butter) rolled in. Then they top it with Nutella. Yeah, it's that kind of place.

'85 F250 update: A few months ago I posted about our old girl, an F250 4x4 with the 460 suck-it-Tesla motor in it.

You can read that thread here:

The exhaust system was completed last week, and I thought I'd give you a little listen:

Summit Racing Headers, FloMaster Super 44's, custom fabricated pipes.

A win for NY policing (and Law & Order): Judge strikes down "Diaphragm Law".

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BREAKING: Ohio George Floyd Mural Destroyed After Being Struck By Lightning

The mural was smote by lightning, according to a witness

New YouTube Discovery...

This guy is a street performer who improvises audience song requests...and he's amazing.

Regularly plays in Sarasota, FL.

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Vacation Day 7 - On the road to Yosemite. The view from above Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe:


This is akin to saying "Guns kill people".

They of course do not. People kill people.

Moral of the story: expressions we use daily can be wrong. Dead wrong.

("God helps those who help themselves," as an example, is not from Scripture nor is it scriptural; it is, in fact, bad theology).

What expressions (Biblical-esque or otherwise) have you heard or used in the past that you later realized were dead wrong?

* Not an M.Div.

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