I’ll never forget being silenced on Twitard.
Rex was gone. TW was gone. Mr. MB reinstated shortly after then banned for good.
January 23 I got an email.
These are the Top Four greatest citizen journalists of all time.
I may have cried a little.

@Angela Hated seeing any of them out but the day @ThomasWic was gone made me boil over with red hot anger. Still angry just thinking about it. (so angry that I had to delete and redraft out all the stupid typos - twice - from this one's original)

@StevenDouglas @Angela @ThomasWic Same here. I was really really angry. Then Rex was gone. Used to follow jayfiverkiller, he was funny, then gone, name_redacted/harold finch gone, Saul gone.

I got suspended the first time for typing only this in response to a Joe Biden gaffe “Never go full retard”. That’s it. The second time for posting a pic of an aborted baby in a thread where the virtues of abortions was being promoted. Twatter called it “gratuitous gore”.


@StevenDouglas @Angela @ThomasWic One thing I noticed though - “stupid fucking libtards” bring out the worst in me. I’m really a nice person IRL, not so much on Twitter. I found it hard to resist shitposting the stupidity over there, people like the Krassen assholes and that Dr Eugene whatshisface Imbecile.

Much prefer QV. I only miss the ability to respond to the politicians. So now I call their offices on a regular basis instead.

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