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Brain Injuries:

I want to share a personal experience with TBI in case it can help anyone dealing with this.

My husband went down on a motorcycle years ago - his “cool-looking” half-helmet didn’t work so well.

The doctors, when you accidentally catch them in your loved one’s room, speak another language - “sub-arachnid hematoma”...spiders? Wut?

When someone wakes up from a coma, it’s the beginning, not the end.

Karma will be the Democrat party having to force Bloomberg, a racist, onto theIr ticket somehow because they’re broke and they desperately need his money.

Rush Limbaugh just announced he has lung cancer...sad news

That new political category in Twatter reporting goes both ways people. I’m going to report every lying scumbag liberal I come across. Jennifer Rubin was first, for lying about the trial and how it will affect the election.

In these times, when it is so clear that people, including our bureaucrats and especially our politicians, are so ignorant and apathetic about our Constitution, its brilliant that Trump’s team used Alan Dershowitz to give everyone a succinct civics lesson. Well played.

Pelosi’s stammering, halted speech pattern and wavy-aroundy arms gives her away. She can barely sell this bs herself. She believes none of the lies she is peddling.

And she’s an experienced politician, having sold bs to us for decades.

That’s how bad it is. That’s right kids, shameless hypocrisy and a diet of lies causes TIAs apparently. And uncontrolled cud chewing


Here is more of the same bs. Its sickening.

I’m glad Trump is a fighter and I support his protecting the Office of the President by refusing to cave to Congress’ unprecedented harassment.

Does Congress imagine that they will find anything if Mueller didn’t? PuhLeeeez

Here is the context for the Scalia quote.

Its about Obama’s lawlessness.

Here is a WaPo piece...

They guy certainly tries to spin it. But its a swing and a miss. Not to mention the out-of-context Scalia quote that Schiff voters think he said about Trump.

Another two-category winner who 1: thinks she has a right to privileged information and 2: admitted on record that she’s on a fishing expedition and will fight to fish in court, if she has to.

Check out this Cow.

[as an aside, its hilarious that a section of the country thinks this cow-person could be President, if they can impeach Pence next]

Keep chewing your cud Speaker P. That’s about all you are good for.

And that dress does nothing for your udders Dear.

They are constantly accusing the other side of doing what they themselves are doing.

He is claiming that Trump has “fundamentally changed the balance of power from what the framers intended.”...which is exactly what he is trying to do by claiming the right to oversee the President and his staff.

Lying. Fool.

Hey Adam, I’ve got bad news for you...Congress does not have oversight authority over the President. Separation of powers, Adam.

Only Your voters are clueless, Adam.

I present Adam Schiff, who fits both categories

See how Schiff thinks he has oversight of the President?

I’m noticing that politicians and Fake Media are repeating the idea that “Congress has oversight of the White House”.

Do they?


Congress has oversight of departments of the Executive Branch. But they DON’T have oversight of the President and his staff in the White House.

So either the Representatives are too uneducated and ignorant to hold office, or they are lying and subverting the very Constitution they claim to be protecting.

Those are the only two options Congress:
1: Fool
2: Liar

Merry Christmas to all my friends of the Christian faith & those celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

I have a strong feeling 2020 will be a special year & next Christmas Iran & all Iranians, including our wonderful Christian community, will be free.

Bless you all.


I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

I just want a whole lot more Comey “prissy faces” so we can Continue to meme the crap outta him with new material. I Expect Nothing but that from a Chris Wallace interview.

Some good threads showing moonbat tweets that haven’t aged well.

As I was reading through it, I see that Trump has burned down the media in the last 3 years, right before our eyes. He poison-pilled them.

Some good threads showing moonbat tweets that haven’t aged well.

As I was reading through it, I see that Trump has burned down the media in the last 3 years, right before our eyes. He poison-pilled them.

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