Then, have dept of labor start looking into the working conditions of the people FaceBook, YouTube and others have monitoring posts.

There are thousands who spend 8 hours a day looking at child porn, rape, murder and violent death and all sorts of horrible stuff to keep it from being posted.

This would seem to me to create a hostile work environment and should be looked into.

As Andrew Breitbarts said "F*** you, War!"

Time to start getting serious.

@Johnhenry To borrow an analogy from chess: the threat is more powerful than the execution. Let them exhaust themselves first and lose the support of the non-political and left-leaning content creators who get caught up in the banning frenzy.


A question I ask everyone who complains about Google et al:

What search engine do you use?

What browser do you use?

If you are using Google/Chrome

Or Google Docs etc then STFU!!

Not directed at you Dan, just a general comment. I run into many people who complain but remain with Google anyway,


Yeah, I`m guilty of that myself. However, telling people not to use Chrome is not what will bring these companies down.

Anti-trust investigations will. Fleeing investors will. A new, decentralised internet will.

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