I'm on my way to check out the non-melting glacier at Glacier National Park and will probably put it on my laptop when I get back.

I've switched from Netscape Navigator way back when Firefox 1.0 came out. Firefox has been my primary browser ever since.

I've tried Chrome, didn't like the idea of it talking with Google.

I've used Comodo Dragon uses the same code as Chrome, without Google, but keep coming back to Firefox.

Last week I started using the new Dissenter Browser on my desktop and I am really liking it. Fast and doesn't use a lot of resources.


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Then, have dept of labor start looking into the working conditions of the people FaceBook, YouTube and others have monitoring posts.

There are thousands who spend 8 hours a day looking at child porn, rape, murder and violent death and all sorts of horrible stuff to keep it from being posted.

This would seem to me to create a hostile work environment and should be looked into.

As Andrew Breitbarts said "F*** you, War!"

Time to start getting serious.


Ditto Twitter. He can set up an instance like whitehouse.social.gov

Or move to gab or Parler.

Ban Facebook from all govt computers except for people authorized to use/maintain govt Facebook pages.


Ditto Chrome browser. The default browser will be Dissenter, Edge, Firefox, Dragon or some such.

Justification is that since Google will not do business with the military, the govt will no longer do business with them.


President Trump could put a hurting on Google tomorrow and it isn't even a regular workday.

All he has to do is issue an Executive Order stating that the search engine of choice for all Executive Branch departments, including the military, will be Duck Duck Go or Bing.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.