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Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) Tweeted:

This is very troubling. The Susan Rice email to herself clearly didn’t give an accurate portrayal of the meeting.

The “right people” is fundamentally different than “by the book”.

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Seems Brian @drawandstrike may have decided to call it a day on twitter.

Good for him.

If so, what an absolutely magnificent effort. We have all played our part in this movement, but Brian has truly delivered.

And in the process, he's become a nationally recognized voice. Great days lie ahead for Brian. Hopefully he will remain on QV with us lot.

And I hope Trump will honor him. That's how important Brian Cates has been.

We salute you, Brian.

The end.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai

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First Cuomo, now Lemon.

April Ryan exposed, too.

All over 3 days.

I wonder who is next.

No coincidence. FakeNews CNN is about to understand the true meaning of the

They won't survive it.

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A vast cloud of nuclear radiation that spread over continental Europe in 2017 has been traced to an unacknowledged nuclear accident in southern Russia, according to an international team of scientists.

The experts say the cloud of radiation could only have been caused by a nuclear fuel-reprocessing accident at the Mayak Production Assn, a nuclear facility in the Chelyabinsk region of the Ural Mountains in Russia, sometime between noon on Sept. 26 and noon on Sept. 27.

What I learned today from Mueller’s testimony,
Robert Mueller is a Special Counsel Monitor and has worse lapses of memory than I.

I haven’t watched cable news during my vacation for over six weeks now, this morning, I’m making an exception.

Utah has been fun, heading to WA state to see family.
Sound in video is an improvised piece I did.

Been vacationing for a week now, another month or so to go, very little news for me. Reading many toots to keep abreast, thanks QV. Heading to Utah tomorrow, time to get out of Arizona and the heat.

Some welcome news for many in the southwest. This year’s snowpack melt will give Colorado River reservoirs, such as Lake Powell water levels, to rise by an estimated 50’ helping Lake Mead’s water shortage for example.

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Iran state media: Iran rescues all crew in Sea of Oman.

USS Bainbridge: No you didn't.


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Video footage of the Front Altair oil tanker burning near the Strait of Hormuz.

This Norwegian-owned ship was sailing under a Marshall Islands flag & loaded oil in Qatar.

Video shows the right side of the ship apparently being torpedoed.

Experts should provide their input.

Why are the democrats bringing in a felon to testify before the House?

Rosie memos @almostjingo
Shares some details.

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As Illegal Immigration Skyrockets, The Border Crisis Spins Out Of Control

The latest arrest numbers don’t tell the whole story. As the crisis deepens, the U.S.-Mexico border is becoming increasingly volatile and dangerous.

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The odds of a Joint US/Mexico border security agreement is increasing? A SOFA between the US and Mexico could be a positive step in securing the southern border. Hard to say what that would look like, adding the congressional resistance that’s happening over securing the border. The current vulnerabilities can’t be ignored. It appears many in Congress desire the worst to happen and are setting us up for failure.

cc: @GenFlynn

Woman rescued after being injured while hiking on Piestewa Peak, AZ.

I don’t think she’ll remember the trip, or the rescue. Just guessing.

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