In their related paper, aptly titled, “No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic [man-made] climate change”, the Finnish scientists find that low cloud cover "practically" controls global temperatures but that “only a small part” of the increased carbon dioxide concentration is anthropogenic, or caused by human activity.


From what I know, so this is limited accuracy and partially theoretical:

Less trees & lawns (and unwatered lawns) causes less plants demanding & feeding humidity, causing more sun heating. Sometimes that heat evaporates ocean to replenish fog, but sometimes the fog never develops because hotter air can hold more water, so it becomes a runaway drying.

In other words, water conservation & high density urbanization cause global warming, fires, drought, overheating & death.


If enough of that is right (and it's mostly non-theoretical so likely mostly right), then the cause of global warming isn't as much what freedom loving property owning USA citizens are doing as it is what communist-invaded governments are doing. Yes, blame communist Russia, blame communist big-gov pro-crime -pro-urban anti-human Democrats, and blame any of us who allow invasion by USA-hating foreigners.

@JohnCParnell Meanwhile, we identified ways to improve clean air & get rid of pollution & poison. Fix that, sure. But Communists cause more global warming than we do. They pollute more than we do. They blame us for what they do. They just want to steal what we have. They literally want what's ours. That's why they forbid us to do what they want. They forbid us from having families. They forbid marriage. Etc. I'm a broken record, but so many people are unaware of the lies & attacks they've won.

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