Remember that in 2016 the
held both houses of Congress, the Presidency, and a majority of state governments. They did NOTHING to support President Trump. And here we are...


So Trump responded by getting rid of the Paul Ryan wing of the party.
Good times.

Sweden’s deaths per million = 532, on the high side, lower than some countries that shut down and higher than some that shut down. Most deaths were in April and early May. There’s a graph that shows the daily death count, and it’s low now. At the high, the daily counts were in the seventies, eighties, and at times slightly over 100. The numbers have been going down down down, and at present there’s been a string of single-digit days.
That’s for the entire country.


@thebradfordfile: "If you're having a rough day, just remember that Bill Clinton knows Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail tonight with nothing to lose."


(H/T @shem_infinite RT )

Not Sorry Show: Caucastic Self Defense with Ravi Crux

Biden's sudden cash flow
Epstein's Groomer Arrested (Maxwell)
Parler Tricks?
Is self defense now illegal?

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Trump Plans To Attend Mount Rushmore's July 4th Fireworks Show


Brian Cates tells us that one of the first things Obama did in that first year in office in 2009 was stop the annual 4th of July fireworks show at Mt. Rushmore.
And that Trump waiting to bring it back when he's running for reelection is genius.

@JohnCParnell. an interview down the road will be interesting...

@JM wonder if he’s pondering
his future political affiliations...


Thank you for sharing this. This guy tasted a red pill that day and upon reflection of what happened and who's fueling it.


The factory, which features a secret underground tunnel system, produces and tests both ballistic and cruise missiles. New satellite imagery of the site revealed hundreds of meters of blackened, parched terrain.

“Although military and defense industry accidents do occur in Iran, the consensus appears to be a cyberstrike by Israel against Iran,” said Dr. Theodore Karasik, senior adviser at Gulf State Analytics in Washington, DC.

Love this eagle General Flynn added as his picture on his twitter home page

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