(15) These ancestors of ours, by sheer determination, character and will power created a great American civilization.

One infinitely more advanced, just and humane than ANY that preceded them.

Look at this. This is NOT what the indians sold to the Dutch settlers. That was worthless wilderness.

This, WE made.

One of Carpenter's missions--for which he volunteered--was to climb hand over hand on the underside of a booby-trapped bridge under heavy fire, taking out all the fuses on the explosives.

His training on Broadway electrical systems allowed him to figure out how to do it.

Francis Carpenter has been almost totally forgotten. Only a few people know who he is.

He was worth more than all of today's leftists put together.



Victor Davis Hanson: Why are so many young people calling themselves socialists?

Lots of young people claim to be socialists but are instead simply angry because they cannot afford a home, a new car or nice things in their “woke” urban neighborhoods.

The handmaiden of failed socialist regimes has always been ignorance of the past and present. And that is never truer than among today’s American college-degreed (but otherwise economically & historically illiterate) youth

The most damaging lie of history is "the greater good". The second most damaging lie is "we have to do SOMETHING".

Both work together to influence otherwise sane individuals to act against their own interests and morals while abandoning logic, reason, and basic desire for facts.


The people coming are also in horrible condition due to their cultures.

Illegal Latin Americans skew all the health statistics here. We have the highest rate of infant mortality in the industrialized world.

The leading cause of infant mortality is low birth weight caused by premature birth.

The leading cause of premature birth is teenage pregnancy.

The most pregnant teenagers are illegal Latin Americans.

@Pissyfit @Debradelai

@GenFlynn set them all up.

That's all you need to know.

The details aren't important.

He knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. He was the key to unlocking the entire corrupt process.

Like Trump, the general sees the big picture and games out all possible results.

The general has THIS in his head at all times. He can consult it when necessary.

Just change the place names to outcomes.

@ThomasWic The only reason I call myself a Republican today is because Trump always says "We need more Republicans." I believe he's talking about needing more *new* Republicans in politics because he knows the Dem party is falling apart. If I'm a Rep at all, I'm one of those new ones. I'll definitely never vote Dem again as long as I live.



Everything in this video is questionable, but ON THING is not.

I'll show it to you in a second.


Tweet from @HSajwanization

JUST in : and Gulf countries agree to a request to re-deploy forces in waters and lands.


Nobody cares what ex-anybody has to say!
But it is nice they make these lists of who needs disbarred and removed from any federal service positions!!


Donald J. Trump

"Today, it was my true honor to present the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy—for the second year in a row, to the @ArmyWP_Football Black Knights.

Congratulations once again on your historic victories, and keep on making us proud!"


For a long time, people have not been living in the real world.

It's becoming an epidemic that social media is making worse.

You don't actually see the crash in this video.



For my entire life, leftists said that they lose because they aren't leftist enough.

Trump's Judas goats have convinced them to "swing for the fences," as Ocasio-Cortez said.

FINALLY we're going to see Democrats running as far to the left as possible.

The Democratic nominee will be a communist AND an anarchist.

In other words, a politically unviable clown.

The Saudis are not sweet talkers.

But they also won't be pushed around.

Did everybody forget the miracle of THIS?

Make sure to click the "CC" for the subtitles.



The Saudis are doing another brilliant thing:

Women are being appointed to ambassadorships, and they're becoming CEOs, newspaper editors, senior religious authorities, etc.

By the time full legal emancipation comes, women will already be fully engaged in running the country.

There won't be any lag time.


This is all good.

Impeachment is the death of the Democratic party.

If it actually goes to trial in the Senate, Trump will declassify EVERYTHING to defend himself.

Plus defense attorneys are allowed to present "theories."

Trump's lawyers can basically say whatever they want, using everything that Trump declassifies.

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