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I told my friend, "This is just one step up from the Russian "Tralala" song. If this goes viral I'm suing, you know that, right?"

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@BirdDog @PoserIndex


Voters approved billions in funding for water storage projects in 2014.

Not one has even broken ground.


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Had a similar thing happen to me in Castro Valley, California when I was ten.

A huge tornado hit me and RIPPED a piece of paper out of my hand, sent it hurling, in a spiral, into the air.

Okay, not a tornado. It was a big dust devil on the playground. And it didn't hit me, I chased it and ran into the center.

I did let a piece of paper go but running into it was a big mistake. That swirling dust and dirt HURT LIKE HELL!

Burned my eyes.

I almost died!

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It is being reported that when Biden asked Venezuela for more oil they said "Let'sGo Brandon."

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Where I am heavy/whipping/cooking cream is all imported and costs 250-400% the price of (high quality) domestic butter.

So I've avoided (or tweaked) recipes that called for cream.


Take 1 part softened room temp butter and slowly drizzle whisk in 2 parts whole milk.

That's it. QUALITY heavy cream at a FRACTION of the cost of the butter!

The ONLY tradeoff: This heavy cream is not suitable for whipping into peaks. But it's PERFECT for cooking.

Who knew?

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Yep. You are correct.

In a statement on Friday, GoFundMe said:
"We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity,".

"No further funds will be directly distributed to the Freedom Convoy organizers - we will work with organisers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities verified by GoFundMe,"

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Pics to follow but second granddaughter arrived about an hour and a half ago. Her name is Eliska Blair

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It's here, and better than I remembered. Classic, timeless, priceless.

There is no man smell on Earth like the inimitable, irresistible, Pinaud-Clubman.

Get your Clark Gable on, I'm going for a shower, a shave, and a nice brisk walk in the late morning Saigon sun.

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@StevenDouglas Just heard comments on a morning show saying Manchin probably enjoys his role as defacto President too much to switch parties

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Jussie Smollett. Well well well.

It really doesn't matter what the judge decides.

Jussie is about to learn the true meaning of 'friendship' among the Democrat crowd. They're all going to abandon him, just when he needs them the most.

Jussie is 'surplus to needs' to the elite. As is the majority of the American population.

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What a self aggrandizing fucking asshole of the highest order.

She is the epitome of "State Sponsored Propaganda" and was very proud of her tweets and that somebody brought them up.

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1. Roll the ham over
2. Grab a few bottom slices
3. Roll it back
4. Still looks the same
5. Eat the ham on one of the dinner rolls that 'accidentally' fell in the ham juice.

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“I’d been to combat a couple of times before Somalia & a lot of times after, but I’ve never seen heroism, I’ve never seen fighting, like we saw among these guys on the streets of Mogadishu,” said Struecker, one of 18 veterans who fought in battle officially known as Operation Gothic Serpent & awarded the Silver Star for valor Friday. “Nothing came close to Somalia. I mean not even close.”

That US force of less than 200 operators fought some 10,000 to 12,000 well-armed Somali fighters. 

2 of 2

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A day after the Pentagon said there’s no proof of Pakistan fighting alongside Taliban - ID card of Paki soldier killed in Panjshir recovered -

No more USAID money, IMF & World Bank loans to Pakistan !

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