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The Democrats' next debate is tomorrow night.

That has vanished from the news. The Dems and the media are behaving as if the election next year is not happening. Impeachment is their one obsession.

Self-destruction every day.

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American College of Pediatrics lays down the law, Transgenderism on children is child abuse.

I doubt some of these transgender nuts will pay heed since it is an ideology to them.

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McConnell keeps those judges coming.

While the Dems/media squeal and shriek pointlessly about Ukraine and irritable, bitter bureaucrats.

One more: Robert J. Luck confirmed to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit

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Trump supporters attacked.

You know the phrase "more cowbell"?

The big guy hit the long-haired guy on the forehead with...a cowbell!

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Guess who the fall guys are going to be?
NEWS: Both guards on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide are now in FBI custody, a law enforcement official said told @MarkMorales51 The guards will be in court later this afternoon to face charges that are expected to include falsifying records, the official said.

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@REX I have to say if someone doesn’t get exposed soon ‘bigly’ Trump is going to lose a lot of people. Not in an actual vote but in enthusiasm. All this corruption has been seen now by many but they still walk free and tell us how to think and live. Many like my husband and some friends think it ‘business as usual’ ‘different rules for those connected’ and have become tired of the bullshit. One of these many strings of corruption needs to snap and catch them up in the net and drop them hard.

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5. Oh well, Chick Fil-A.

You let the foxes into your coop.

They will destroy your company. Count on it.

Today is evidence that they already have. Millions will never go to CFA again. Millions more will go far less than they once did.

All because you pandered to narcissistic folk, who don't care about your business and despise your customers.



The end.

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4. Some fool at CFA got suckered in by this type of gobbledygook :

'Most boards in the U.S., unlike in Europe, don’t have term limits. As a result, you don’t have as much fluidity around the movement of people on boards, in order to bring in new and fresh blood into the boardroom' (Jones)

Anyone get past 'fluidity'? LOL. Meaningless mumbo jumbo.

And honestly, to use European companies as any sort of benchmark or example as the way forward is hilarious. It's foolish.

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3. As well as Dale Jones, progressive and 'diversity' nut.

Both are typical of the elitist managerial class these days - they move from corporation to corporation, swimming in a 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' network of patronage and favors, spouting whatever motherhood statements and virtue signalling BS is required to make a buck.

Plus, they genuinely believe that they're very, very special human beings.

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2. As always you need to have a look around to work out what's happening.

Like the fact that in April, the powers that be at CFA stupidly appointed progressive, Trump-hating Cheryl Batchelder to their board.

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1. Go woke, go broke.

An incredibly stupid decision by Chick Fil-A, that was also totally unnecessary. By doing this they have effectively given their core customer base the bird.

So why? What gives?

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Wow. There's definitely a BIG disturbance in Iran.

The mullahs are more worried this time. Of course they can rely on CNN as useful idiots but there's some serious shit going down.

Since Trump came in there's been a very steady & patient build up of pressure on the mullahs. If DJT has decided they're history, God help them.

A good idea is check Tom Wictor's brilliant insights at @ThomasWic and also @HeshmatAlavi who is the #1 go to in the world on what's happening.

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When Jeff Sessions speaks people should listen.

The GOP has a chance to own the immigration issue, if they do it will ensure electoral domination for 2 generations. Democrats have done damage with this issue to the US.

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“New documents allege millions went to Biden’s and Kerry’s firm”

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Keep in mind that neither the Dems or the GOP are trustworthy groups.

Just because Trump used the GOP machine to win the Presidency, doesn't mean we support the GOP. Far from it.

We support Trump and him alone. GOP vs Dem partisan bickering means nothing.

Sure it was an Obama/Clinton op, but the GOP in cahoots ALSO tried to nix Trump in 2016.

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Trump BAIT.

'Trump is physically/mentally ill'.

God this guy is good. Trump is amazing.

Mind you, his enemies are really, REALLY dumb.

So wait for it. 'OMG POTUS is, like, mentally ill! 25th 'mendment etc etc etc ' INPEECH!!

The FakeNews can't help themselves. Trump controls them. Total LOSERS.

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However, let me say this

Trump's decision to use SpyGate as a 2020 political tool, may (probably will) end up working.

But it may not

Doing nothing leaves the door open to bad actors, such as Schiff. Right now The Dems are still in the game.

If Trump goes to 2020 without major indictments and shocking revelations about Obama, Clinton & the DNC etc, there's no doubt he may lose, given the ferocity of their attack.

End of day I think he knows exactly what to do, so I"m not worried.

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