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This July 4th weekend, we in the United States celebrate AND honor those who saw the vision to declare and fight for our Independence.

This is also the weekend that every other country should be grateful that they did.

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Damn they sure are going out with a bang. Have a happy Independence day.

🎆 🇺🇸 💣 💥 🇺🇸 🎆 🇺🇸 💣 💥 🇺🇸

I am actually quite sad, the SCOTUS is going into recess now. I was just starting to have so much fun!

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EPA lacks statutory authority to regulate global warming gasses and farts.

The best June in years.

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New thread.

Lets talk some European politics, specifically the politics of Germany and it's relationship with the East, as it has been in the news for its, lets say, inconsistent support of Ukraine in recent weeks.

To understand both of these things, and many of the other problems of the EU and Europe, you need to know what Ostpolitik is and why it's deeply ingrained in the German national psyche.

This woman turned off the respond button on her account.😂 I understand why.

She then continues to post evidence, confirming that those fkers deserved to be run over... 😂


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Listening ( belatedly) to Quods get gold, and the speaker introducing Saul’s list of achievements and positions in many organizations. I’m thinking to myself, and this is the same man who has favorited and boosted some of my little toots. Unbelievable.
We also have gold here on the forum. A big ol nugget of gold. Thank you sir.

Would this be a bad time to remind Dems that a Democrat-controlled Senate nominated Clarence Thomas to the SCOTUS?

I am tired of these people just throwing out blank statements, that they are not held to account for.

This cretin took an Oath to defend the Constitution, when she doesn't even know what's in it! Yes, I realize she is not alone.

I wish a reporter would ask: How?... How does the 2A decision defy the Constitution?

Then again, she would probably start giggling! I mean, she did refer to the justices as just "people in black robes".


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With Garbage LGBT ‘Scholarship’, Colonial Williamsburg Destroys Its Reason For Existing...

"... Williamsburg has gone woke. In doing so, its leadership and staff are displaying conspicuous enmity toward the highly reasoned position held by America’s founders—a position at odds with today’s LGBT dogma."


Leftists could save themselves so much heartburn if:

1. They knew and understood the laws of this country, and
2. If they weren't so damn lawless to begin with.

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This article is right on the money with what Saul has discussed on Yapping.

Ironically, I came across this guy because he posted a dumb comment about defunding the NRA.


I called my sister tonight. We haven't spoken since last summer, when she banned the children from talking to their aunt.

For no good reason. Long story.

Tonight, I called a truce. As the eldest of the next generation, it is my job to keep our family together.

I made my sister put my nephew and niece on the phone.

For their benefit. All is well.

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The origin of Memorial Day trace back to 1865 when freed slaves started a tradition to honor fallen Union soldiers and to celebrate emancipation and commemorate those who died for that cause.

A THREAD t.co/5RCSwpcOsP

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