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Everybody loves freebies. But if you hang out here and benefit from the wealth of knowledge available here (not to mention the camaraderie), you should be supporting it monetarily.

Saul has said it before, and I’ll say it again: If *everyone* on this forum gave 5 bucks a month to keep SQV running, we’d not only keep the lights on but have the resources to grow.

Now is the time to do your part.

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QuodVerum is free to use but, alas, it's not free to run.

Supporting SQV is NOT supporting "Saul" or "Thomas".

It is supporting yourselves by keeping this platform alive.

If you are already contributing, thank you!

If you are not...what the fuck are you waiting for? A cup of coffee per month won't send you to the poor house.

Here. Do your part:


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I said it once and will say it again: SQV is an investment, a great one.

You’ll always get much more than what you give.

Change starts here.

What are you waiting for?

"Usually, the preferred path is to find an acquirer for the troubled bank, sometimes with FDIC assistance... This was a liquidation. That usually means that the regulators have thrown up their hands and conclude that no one wants to buy the place. There is essentially no franchise value."


Who is paying for this?

In abrupt reversal, regulators to cover Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank uninsured deposits | American Banker

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BB has been spot on about the war in Ukraine, including the reclaiming of territory taken when Obummer was in office. It’s so hard to force myself to listen to other views, no one can touch SMB & TW for information and accuracy. Thank you! Great video.

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@cliftonaduncan: "I'm less concerned about 'Far Right Extremism' than I am about the normalization of a worldview that increasingly rejects reality as 'Far Right Extremism'."


(H/T @AnnCoulter RT )

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I heartily endorse this episode of Quods Get Gold. Mr. Cunningham’s unique perspective and insight into the humanity and empathy of President Reagan (and President Ford, too!) was beyond refreshing. I found myself with a smile on my face that I couldn’t erase. Please watch it, enjoy, and make a donation to the GIIS if you can.

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I started listening to the last Yapping whilst working out - strength training, to be specific. I had no struggle with my weights today.😂 Try it, you'll see what I mean!

Saul emphasized something I have been trying to drill into my family...we have "progressed" so far...become so civilized, that most people forget that at our core, we are part of the animal kingdom.

You can be a cockroach, or you can be a lion.😃

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I was googling something specific on BYU, and across their "100 Notable alumni" list.

The usual suspects didn’t surprise me...several Romneys, Flake, McMullin, etc.

The most surprising one was Kyrsten Sinema. A lot more about her makes sense now.

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Here is a video that EVERY Quod, and friends of, MUST watch. Konstantin Kisin speaks at Oxford Union of "This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far" - 7/8


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My latest on Substack, the inaugural installment of a recurring feature, The Smart Home Advisor, this time offering a comparative review of two DIY home security systems: Simplisafe vs. Abode.


And...the grift is on. He'll do a second book.

“You know, my brother and I love each other. I love him deeply.”

He's got a hell of a way of showing it!


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Y'all have heard Saul and I very openly point out that Absentee ballots are the #1 means of vote fraud.

This is exactly what I discovered as a poll worker and reported to our SoE and that was used to change the laws in Florida at the precinct level.


My father believed that travel was the best teacher of experience. He took us to the USSR in 1987, just before the Berlin Wall fell. To show us. Teach us the evils of communism.

Those lessons stuck with me.

I'll always remember the genuine happiness, and joy my father felt when Reagan won in 1980.

I was just a child, didn't know anything. I understood, from Dad's glee, Reagan's win was a good thing for us. In the Caribbean.

I was a foreigner at that time

The most important lesson my father taught me...everything can be taken from you, except your mind.

That is the one thing you own. Don't ever let anybody take that from you!

Also...never trust a government that wants to create a welfare state.

I'm so glad I absorbed his teachings, although I was his rebellious child! Haha.

He described me as his child who always like to have fun! I'll take it. 😃

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