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1. Between 50 and 70 million (or more) citizens were are eligible to register to vote and vote, or that were already registered, didn't vote. That includes tens of millions of registered Republicans and independents.

This should have been a landslide of between 10 to 25% ahead of Obiden, even with voter fraud & election fraud.

2. The SCOTUS apparently won't hear the cases concerning election fraud and voter fraud.

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Necessary remainder time.

SQV is free to use, but not free to run.

A couple of lattes a month from each user will help us pay and grow.

To all those who already contribute...thank you! You make this possible.

To all those who don't...what are you waiting for?


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Little kids spontaneously started walking from Europe to the Middle East to wage holy war on Muslims.

Thousands joined in, and they were shipped off to Tunisia by child traffickers and sold into sexual slavery.

That was the year 1212. A skoosh more delusional and tragic than the current period. About 30,000 kids were victims.

So don't tell a historian that we're living in the most delusional period in human history.

It makes you look stupid.

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Red alert.

There are Russian bots based in Macedonia spamming "Red Paper News".

Pretending to be a Conservative paper, it is actually a Russian Intelligence disinformation operation.

If you see "Red Paper News" or links to articles of such...


This is where they are operating from:

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Another great article by The Conservative Treehouse I wish everyone would read and understand. They have been an invaluable source (among a few others) that helped people like me to understand the geopolitical world.


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@REX @MegasAlexandros @ThomasWic @Billyblue28

I'll defer the brilliance to you sir.

I just pop up shooting spit balls from my BIC pen with the ink refill discarded.

It also works really great on those toothpicks with the plastic twirly stuff on one end you find in sandwiches, just to get a point across.😉

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@truth_seeker @guym @StevenDouglas

It's not about YOU.

It's about THE WORLD.

If you STILL can't see the big picture after five years of Trump, you never will.

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(5) “A forensic audit in one county came back with a 68% error rate for Dominion Voting Machines. It will be very interesting to see what other information comes out about Dominion during the discovery phase of this lawsuit.”

Via KanekoaTheGreat

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@Debradelai @calicomadre

So what did I see in that exchange?

All Q-tards want to do is argue as a distraction to mask their intellectual handicaps if one does not agree with their vanities, or their truths found only in a cereal box code wheel.

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Creepy Joe can shout 'It's Over!' 24/7 if he wants. He's a hollow, empty man from a crime group, both on FakeNews life support.

And FakeNews can all agree with each other....again.

It changes NOTHING.

Their window to rig the election successfully has ended. It required GOP capitulation & submission by the electorate.

The reverse has happened.

As each day passes, they are weakening. You can sense their desperation.

And Trump hadn't even started turning the screw yet.

Good evening, Quodverum. Just signed up and checking in to say hello. Thank you so much for creating this forum.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.