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Thank God I’m taking the dog to vet at noon.who are these professors. They have already concluded the President is guilt. What a farce.

Somewhat what impaired.There is no cure. To all of you I say be Thankful for what you have. Stop focusing on what you don’t have. If you have your health you have more than many. Stop bitching because things can always be worse. There for the Grace of God go I. 🙏🏻

My older sons girlfriend of two years has just been diagnosed with Huntington’s Chorea.She is 30 yrs.of age.After months and months of different testing and different Diagnosis.She is adopted. Her it turns out her sister her father passed away from the disease and her 31-year-old sister is in the hospital with the disease presently. I received a call from my son 45 mins ago.My heart hurts.She already experiences the unsteadiness, involuntary jerking of hands, arms, legs and her speech is

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I talked with Linda the week of Halloween . She is doing better, a little slow in recovery. She is avoiding large crowds due to germs. Health wise she is on the mend.

@Debradelai @KenLarkin

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This makes me so angry.

You or one of your beautiful family members could have been severely wounded or worse. Such things happen all the time.

They had to have thought about that, which makes it even worse.

Anyone who would do such a thing to an innocent family is disgusting. They need to learn a good, long, and hard lesson.

I am so sorry for you and your lovely family. 😢

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STUNNING article by our own Saul @Debradelai on General Flynn.

Just read it. You won't find anything like this anywhere.

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@bjssunshine Now that's a great idea. If we all ever get to an SQV retreat, we really must do a "spa day." @Jaime @Dawnz @PrairieRose @MaggieMoore @JM @prchrskd

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"I am not a billionaire, I can't finance my campaign" says the moron on wheels.

Out of 45 Presidents, only one was a billionaire.

Let's face it, Kameltoe, you don't have the money because no-one wants a bitter virago who Baugh her way into politics playing the one-hole flute.

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@ilumanous @Jaime @ThomasWic @MEMA

When we found Nazi criminals in the past, regardless of their "good behavior" in the US, we stripped them of citizenship and deported them to be tried.

In one case, we spent years till we finally got Germany to take him.

We are still demanding the extradition of others who committed similar crimes in the US.

So far, the stay is temporary and under review.

It should never have been granted.

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@Jaime @Debradelai

There's a bill before Congress about him.

Lindsey Graham asked for a six-month reprieve from deportation so that they can study his case and see whether or not he merits a permanent stay of deportation.

Like it or not, Trump has to weigh the costs and benefits of not doing as Congress asks.

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Indeed. Niña, Pinta and Santa María. Does not get more Spanish than that.

I remember cracking up at "Columbus Day" parades in New York. Everything was Italian, and I would crack up.

No. They don't teach this at school, either.

I should qualify one thing. The Republic of Italy exists only from 2 June 1946.

What was established in the XIXth Century was the Kingdom of Italy, on 17 March 1861 with the coronation of Vittorio Emmanuele II, King of Sardinia.

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(17) It is a great day for ALL of us.

Those who came and still do on the coattails of Don Cristóbal Colón, Almirante de la Mar Océano, whose descendants still carry name and title,

Certainly, I would not be writing this in the mountains of Virginia enjoying a California Cabernet and some Spanish Jabugo were it not for that intrepid sailor, those who supported him and those who followed him in the greatest adventure in the history of mankind.

Long Live the Admiral of the Ocean Sea!


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@ilumanous et al.

(1) I'm more than four weeks behind, but here we go.

This year we celebrated 527 years since the day a sailor with balls made of cement and steel touched land in Guanahani (left), a tiny island we are now almost certain was San Salvador, in the Bahamas.

And changed history.

Juan de la Cosa, the owner of the Santa María, left us a map (right) to find it.

As an Aside, in his diary, Colón told us how COLD it was...

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Not sure if you saw this so I’m back.Jet blue running a sale today so hubby nagging me so I’m nagging you. If the date and time works for Sarasota needs to be booked today otherwise I’ll probably choose a different date. Let me know. Thank you.

So Santa was returned. No receipt= store credit. Post net price to ship 150$ Stupid bastard! If he’d just lay off those damn cookies. Eating at every stop is just excessive. 😁

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