Hello my lovely Quods!
Hope these photos brighten up your day🦋

There were 2 now only one.
This beauty was wondering off so I decided to bring him in.🤞

Not sure where he thinks he’s going.
I don’t have time to babysit.😂

If you look close you can see the white silk button. He’s working hard and will be hanging from a silk strand soon. Pretty amazing🦋

He’s done for now. From here he will shed his skin for the last time. The crystal will than form.🦋

2 of the 3 I brought in the other day just shed and formed cocoon. I was chatting with a friend and missed it. Last one has made its way up to spin it’s silk. Photos aren’t great, can’t disturb as they are fragile when first formed. After the last one goes into cocoon just wait. 🤞 they survive and emerge.

Update on cocoon’s
First photo caterpillar first brought in. Looks like it will emerge soon. The darker it gets the closer to emerging.
The 3 others I brought in one didn’t survive. Just beginning to darken. Last photo is blurry. Best I could do without disturbing too much.

Exciting!! Just emerged.
I will release it soon.🦋 2 to go.😊

Just happened.
The third might be happening soon since they both went into their cocoons on the same day.

This one is just about ready. Holding up my day.😁
Last one.


Just spotted several.
They will have to fend for themselves.

Born to be alive!
That’s all she wrote for this season.
Hope she dries before the sun goes down.

@Jaime Absolutely gorgeous! Definitely have that blown up. Thanks for sharing!

I may send it to my friend who likes to give them to me for Christmas. ( hint, hint)
Your welcome. It’s been fun and my pleasure.🦋

Thank you!!
It’s my favorite of this season so far.
Still waiting for the Monarch🦋

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