Hi Quods, just jumping in quick to let you know I am OK. So much going on between my sister and me it’s becoming overwhelming. Once I know everything I will update. Tightness in my chest went away.I did call the doctor about it yesterday. I’m on strict orders not to watch TV at all. That’s easy part. Too much mis information and all that does is give you stress.The county called me today scared the shit out of me. I was like how did you get my number? So the lady started asking me a bunch of

Questions. She told me to go on this website every day and get the latest updates. I told her my doctor told me not to read or watch TV. And she told me in a couple of weeks they might be calling me about some plasma test. That’s about all guys just wanted you to know I’m alive and on the mend. 💙


So happy to hear that, Jaime. Please stay relaxed, in no time this will be over...💞 🙏 for your sister. 🤗

@Jaime glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep listening to your Dr,he knows whats best. You dont need any added stress.Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers ❤️


Thrilled to know you're a little better and that both you and your sister are aggressively handling business!

Keep at it!

Good to hear from you Jamie..thank you for staying in touch, still 🙏 for you get your rest, fluids, drs orders..we Quods have the love covered sister..❤❤🙏

@Jaime ❤️That’s great news! I hope you and your sister both have a fast recovery! Glad the chest tightness went away!❤️

❤️I think I’ll turn my TV into a little cat bed! The remote got waterlogged when rain came in one night and it was on the floor!❤️

@Jaime Very good news! So
happy to hear the tightness in
your chest went away....whew!
Keep resting and take care.
🙏🏻 for you and your sister

@Jaime So happy to hear you are on the mend. It really knocks the hell out of you doesn't it? Wish we could get the serology test here because there are so many of us who suffered through this EARLY!

Been thinking about you and your sister every day. Also remembering you in my prayers. 🙏 Thank you for the update. Glad to hear you are okay.

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