Thank you! I hope all is calm cool and collective in SQV.🇺🇸Miss you all!


The IG report has added great info, Lindsey Graham did an outstanding presser about the report today, and Wednesday, Horowitz will testify about the report.

So happy you’re seeing palm trees and butterflies! It’s absolutely miserable up here.

Enjoy ❤️

Thanks Maggie. Very busy here but in a much better way. No T.V. and I didn’t have time to watch the show.Last night several Family members came over to decorate.We watched an old Madea movie. We cracked up. 😂 Sister recognized me yesterday. 💜 @ SarahRoberts


It sounds like a lovely vacation.

So happy your sister recognized you. These are the moments to treasure. ❤️


That is wonderful news Jaime. It appears the change in the medication was the right decision. Warms my heart to hear that your sister recognized you. It has to make you smile to be able to make that connection with her.

Love the Madea movies always good for a laugh. Enjoy your time down there and make sure you take care of yourself.

Continued prayers for your sister and your family. 🙏

Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄 🎅


@Sarah_Roberts @MaggieMoore
Thank you Sarah and Maggie. She’s doing ok considering everything. She was a bit weepy today. She said to me.. Can you live with me. 💔.Glad I’m here.😊 BTW since I had to return Santa , I bought this for my Niece instead. She said some of the neighbors are snooty. Too bad he isn’t sticking up his middle finger. 😂

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