My baby girl Maggy turned 15 yesterday and today she slipped and dislocated her hip. The vet said her hip joint is flattened from age/ arthritis so there is very little chance they could push it back into place-if she survived the anesthesia. So my sister said no to that and took her home. Any prayers to help Maggy manage on 3 legs would be so welcome right now. She's been my baby since she was 8 weeks old.

@Baline I’ve seen many 3 legged fur babies. My dog who since passed had hip problems used to give him rimadol not sure if spelled correctly. It helped him tremendously. Best of luck. 🙏🏻

@Jaime Thank you. The big problem right now is my sister has a bad back and cannot lift her up or carry her hip weight for more than a few seconds.

@Baline Its not easy that’s for sure.They have newer harness now that are higher. I remember the one I had where I was practically on the ground.I will pray for the fluff baby. 🙏🏻

@Jaime It is difficult using a makeshift harness. I was bent over trying to guide her and get her to hobble.

@Jaime per the vet, she needs one that sits farther back, lifting the pelvis/hips.

@Baline check out some sites. I hope you find one that’s suitable.

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