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The initial signs are ominous for the Biden administration, whose only real chance of surviving these cases is to persuade the Court that none of these challengers have standing to sue.

As to the question of the legality of the program, the post-9/11 HEROES Act — the theoretical basis for Biden’s emergency order — gives the secretary of education the power to “waive or modify any statutory or regulatory provision applicable to the student financial assistance programs”

Fun project for a Sunday. Not!
Stove but it’s looking good.

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Moment of silence...

to all the people who were late to work because of the actions of these oxygen theifs

"The MTA halted J and M train service between the Marcy Av and Delancey St-Essex St stations for several hours as officers investigated. Both trains were still running with delays past 11 p.m., according to the agency."


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I caught up with him in Buenos Aires after I lost my love in another plane crash. He was my father's age, but like a brother.

We met daily at a café in the hotel where he lived until I came back to the US.

We lost him too soon in 2011. I hope he found his Paradise. He was killed by gunmen in Guatemala city who attacked the car he was riding.

All he did was accept a ride to the airport offered by the owner of the club he sung in.

This has English subtitles.

Fetterman checks into hospital for depression. His wife is so proud he’s asking for help.
Maybe she should have been a good wife and persuaded him not to run in his condition. Idiot.
I do wish him well🙏🏻

Salem, says Hello and I love you. As if that’s not enough, I think I need to buy him a spoon.😂

Haven’t been around much.
Had a bad stomach attack last week.
Ultrasound today confirms multiple gallstones and slush in my gallbladder. Doctor recommending surgery. I see a surgeon next week for a consultation.
Happy days😁

I used the phrase Dope on a rope.
Politico switched it around.😁

Watching this MF talk about giving away the candy store.
The suckers believe it. 🍭

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Our precious little light of our lives was born last week. We've never felt a love like this before. It's a nice reminder that even in the crazy, messed-up world we live in, there is still so much innocence. Shout out to my incredible husband, who's been supporting me every step of the way and is on diaper duty. I'm in love with him more and more each day. He's a great dad!

I’m always preparing and thinking ahead.
Almost ready for the second patch.
Can you guess what I’m making?

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