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I believe with my entire being when all is said and done the creeps will pay a Hefty Price for what they’ve done.The Resilience of General Flynn is astounding. I am in awe. He will have his time to speak and when he does the world will listen.🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

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Everything is going to be alright, honey.

Derek Chauvin was arrested. Gen Flynn is getting closer to being exonerated. The deep state is being exposed. The swamp is draining. The wall is getting longer.



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These old bodies will all have time to sleep when we are dead. We might as well just keep wearing them out until then.

No sense wasting a good moment.

You know that we are only under time restraints here on this old earth. Eternity doesn't have a beginning or an end.

In the second chapter of Ephesians it says that we are already sitting at the right hand of the Father. So in reality we have already entered that rest, we just have to meditate on it.

True story.

Carlos Osweda (@COsweda) Tweeted:

Dear "peaceful protestors":

Spare me.

You're just as much to blame as the arsonists. ... Carlos preaching truths!! 👍

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Buin Zahra, Qazvin province, NW Iran
This is the drinking water in people's homes.

And yet, the regime provides for:

Assad—$15 bn/yr
Hezbollah—$700 mn/yr
Houthis—at least $360 mn/yr
Hamas—$360 mn/yr
Iraqi militias—$150 mn/yr

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"Watch history unfold on Saturday, May 30, as NASA and SpaceX launch astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station...
Tune in starting at 11 a.m. EDT as NASA and SpaceX provide joint, live coverage from launch to arrival at the space station. Teams are targeting 3:22 p.m. EDT for the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft atop a Falcon 9 rocket...The Crew Dragon is scheduled to dock to the space station on Sunday, May 31."

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Wonder how many welfare checks were waiting for delivery?

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When I first watched the video, my exact words to my hubby were.. Wtf is wrong with this guy? Kneeling with his hand in pocket expressionless. Flat affect, psychotic, sociopath. Those were my immediate thoughts when I watched the video.(just my humble opinion)

Your friend Carlos on Twit had a stellar thread tonight. Addendum.. We are all doomed. Tell him Thank you! 👍

Well my dear Quods, I’ve had enough of the riot acts for today. Please let’s pray for all the Law abiding innocent people. Special prayers to All our First Responders that are in serious harms way. As for the Thugs!! Karma is a Bitch! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I need to relax my brain. Maybe win some Fake chips on WSOP 😂 Have a good night!❤️

So there’s a video of O using the word Thug but catching no flack. ( no surprise )

A Thug has no specific color.

What is the real definition of a thug?
A thug is a bad guy or a bully, especially a violent one. A thug might break into someone's house, push its owners around, and steal their TV. It's hard to reason with thugs, since they'd rather intimidate and physically hurt people than talk.

Do we understand now. MSM having a field day. Just once can they just Report!!!!

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What a great day.

And the SpyGate hearings start next week!

I expect more major MOABS to drop between now and Rosenstein beginning his testimony on Wednesday morning.

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@Jaime @Cdubois
I just watched this clip of Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan's YT channel. Her comments on low vitamin D levels related to mortality rate of Covid suffers caught my attention, so I listened to the whole thing. Vitamin D is critical.

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Moving down the line to get his diploma and move on, a teacher says to my son:

"If you have a mask, you can wear it now."

"No, thanks sir." Replied the fruit of my loins.

"That's a misdemeanor," said the Principal".

"I'll take my chances, Sir"

Boy, I LOOOVE my son.

Fired Minneapolis police officer seen in video kneeling on George Floyd's neck is arrested

I’m done watching people conduct themselves like animals. Just watched a clip from LA rioters.
They attack a police car a man falls to the ground and his laying there. Another cop car pulls up to try to help. They attack that police car and leave the man laying on the ground. Yeah they really care.🤦‍♀️

I was watching! Very enjoyable. Soon I’ll be able to participate. Your comment on Dodo was spot on. The protector. It’s amazes me also that dorks believe that. Anyway enjoy your dinner and thank you!!

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