These Dems are Nuts!! Take the freaking vote already. Useless F**ks.

I’m writing a short story. I hope to get it published. Title
How not to hate a Libtard
Page 1.... Impossible!
The end.

Author, Jaime

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This is amazing.

How could anyone possibly believe this?

It's good that Trump's enemies are so stupid, but at some point it starts to get frightening.

I didn’t realize he was still going on Nader still yapping. I guess I didn’t miss much after all.

Was just wondering how things went today. I did not have an opportunity to watch or listen to anything. Did I miss any important points?Thank you.

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Thank you.

Alas, this is a different kind of trip.

Tomorrow (today) is the 34th anniversary of the day al-Jihad tore my heart out.

We have a ceremony if remembrance at Ft. Campbell.

Good Morning Quods!! Hope all is well. Had a chance to read some stuff this Am. Republicans are fighting,Kudos to them. I guess we have to go through the process.Unfortunately dealing with the left is like beating a dead horse. They should all rut in hell. They will. 329 days until President Trump is Re- elected. Every single libtard will feel as though they had a colonoscopy without anesthesia. You will be able to hear the screams in space. I can’t wait!!

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Listening to Fed presser.

Things are going smooth.

It boggles the mind that two points have been so misunderstood by the "economists" and the Hoi Polloi.

1. Deflationary pressures around the world. I'd add, for the last 20 odd years, and

2. A disconnect bet. employment and inflation brought about by the revolution in productivity in the 90s.

From the days of The Sphinx Greenspan to date, it's been sufficiently clear to all but the congenitally dumb.

Elections aside, expect a great year.

Hi Quods! That’s one of my Sisters and A friends dog. He was very happy to see me.😂😂

Pelosi is a fucking liar. That’s all folks. I need to relax my brain.

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Two Americans murdered naval personnel in two separate on-base incidents in the past three days.

"Why are we allowing Americans on our military bases?"

Good point. Obviously Americans can't be trusted on our military bases.

We really need to stop this dumbassery.

It's disgusting, to be frank.


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Indeed it is getting better, it will get much, much better, and it will remain in good hands for a generation.

A prerequisite to any serious effort to right this ship.

Yet, amazingly, folks can't figure it out.

It is enough to jump for joy.

Goodnight Quods Thank you for your love and support. To those extra Special Quods I love you.

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Pelosi is a angry whack job. Bidden is an angry Moronic idiot. Trump is President and will be re-elected in 2020. That’s all folks.

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@Jaime My heart goes out to you Jaime, and your son, of course his girlfriend and specially for the members of her family.
My first wife (rest her beautiful soul) passed away from HD. And four other siblings have followed her. Six children in her family and five now Gone from HD.
The family and carers have my prayers. They will feel the brunt of the symptoms as they emerge into her life. Every HD sufferer has different symptoms that occur at different phases throughout each of their journeys

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