Oregon is in talks with the White House to pull federal troops OUT of Portland as it's revealed the city is fining authorities $500 every 15 minutes for the 'unauthorized' fence outside the courthouse

The Trump administration has initiated talks with Oregon's governor's office about withdrawing federal agents deployed to quell protests, source says
The early-stage talks are with the office of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and there is still no agreement


I'll call bullshit on this article. Sounds more like Kate Brown blowing smoke for the cover she needs to quell this madness.

The Trump administration has no need to negotiate anything with them.

Yet we get this from a click bait limey rag.

@RonOgletree Okay, apparently they did negotiate. Feds are leaving

"Federal officers who have clashed violently with demonstrators on Portland streets for weeks will begin to depart the city on Thursday, under a deal between the Trump administration and Gov. Kate Brown’s office that was announced Wednesday morning."

@lolajl @Jackie @RonOgletree

The Governor stepping up and doing her damned job is what's part of the deal.

"Federal officers will begin leaving the city on Thursday under a deal reached between Oregon officials and the Trump administration. STATE POLICE will help protect Portland's federal courthouse."


No, of course it won't. But it lessens the "Federal Stormtrooper "narrative, and Oregon had a responsibility in this direction all along.

@HectorHeathcote @lolajl @Jackie

So, I was half correct. Somebody leaked this to the British press only in a frame that made Brown look tough.

But the reality is, the Missouri motto is in full play.

Show Me

@Jackie @RonOgletree now the onus is on Oregon to do their damn duty.

Trump just removed their "stormtrooper" narrative bullshit, while allowing the Democrats to appear as insurrectionist savages, bragging about it.

If OSP actually do their jobs, Gov. Bisexual will sandbag them and dig the hole deeper for Democrats.

If OSP acts as gutless as PPD, the violence gets worse, which is BETTER for Trump, worse for the Democrats, as evidenced by their squirming over the "optics" the last few days.

@Clayrjr @Jackie @RonOgletree
Letting Portland be Portland is the best campaign ad Trump could possibly have.

"Vote for Joe, if you dig THIS (shows PDX videos)."

Normal Americans: "no thanks, Joe."


This sounds like BS. There is no universe where they can collect on that fine it kick out the Feds.

Why would DJT negotiate with terrorists?

@mrbungle Might sound like BS but seems like they did negotiate. This is from Oregon Public Broadcasting:

"Federal officers will begin leaving the city on Thursday under a deal reached between Oregon officials and the Trump administration. State police will help protect Portland's federal courthouse."

@Jackie @mrbungle

I'm in favor of "State" police doing their jobs. We can use the feds elsewhere.


That’s total bullshit, due to the Constitution’s supremacy clause. No way for the state to “fine” the federal government, or force the Feds to abandon protecting a federal courthouse. Fake news.

@Jackie @darulharb And I’m glad to see they are being provided their own rope by their idiocy.


Portland city council v. Federal government

Choose your fighter! 😆

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