Carlos Osweda

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Now we get to see how far leftists are willing to go.

Kathy's lying.

I'll prove that this is the NEW hoax to discredit @realDonaldTrump.

@Jackie These people are deranged. The woman just lost her mother, and instead of mourning her, she's finding ways to lie about Trump.

I guarantee that she went in the hospital because of stress over her loss. Instead of dealing with that, she's using it to spread lies to discredit the president.

The depravity these idiots will stoop to...

@umad80 @Jackie

OR she was at the hospital visiting mom & took the pic while there. That would mean she made her dying mom get out of bed so she could create a hoax about PDJT. OR she laid in the deathbed of her mother AFTER her mom died & her body was removed plotting to spread hateful lies about PDJT. It really doesn’t matter how she went about creating the hoax. What matters is that she did it as her mom was dying or right after she died when she should’ve been grieving. That’s just sick!

@MarcusJ65 @Jackie I don't disagree. One of the side effects of TDS is being an absolute shit head.

@umad80 @stephanieanne @Jackie

I wouldn’t put nothing past a sick leftist lunatic. I truly believe they are possessed by demons. Just think about the hate you’d need to have stored up in your heart to do something like that either as your mother is dying or directly afterwards. I know if it were my mother I would definitely still be mourning the loss a week later even though my mom gets on my nerves big time 😂. She’s getting defiant in her old age.


The person whom Carlos told to piss off, was of course a troll.

The Greek in the patch he posted means "I am seeking a human".

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