Long periods in space can REVERSE blood flow and lead to deadly clots, NASA reveals - in a major blow to future Mars missions

Astronauts on the International Space Station reported impaired vision
Researchers put them through ultrasound scans to study their blood flow
Some were found to have stalled or even reversed blood flow in their left jugular
NASA say putting astronauts in a lower-body vacuum suit can ease the problem


Low gravity is bad enough. Our bodies were not intended at all for zero gravity. Extended time in space will ultimately be spent, at least partially, in human centrifuges - as originally imagined.

@StevenDouglas @Jackie

And that would simulate normal gravitational effects on the body?

@MaggieMoore @Jackie

It would simulate gravity nearly perfectly, depending on the size. In a 'standing' position the pulling force would be strongest at the feet, lighter toward the head. The larger the wheel the smaller the difference.

Even so, a very small outward=downward pulling force would prevent what's happening now.

A slightly greater than 1G acceleration at the feet could average out to 1G overall, such that your 'weight' on a scale would equal the astronauts' at Earth gravity.

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